We all know that a happy wife equals a happy life, and even though it doesn’t rhyme as well, happy workers do too. I am not saying to buy your employees diamonds, or leave them a trail of rose petals, but putting in the effort to show that they are appreciated can go a long way. Workplace perks offer motivation for employees, and allow them to feel appreciated for their efforts. Now, as much as we know that you love taking donuts and coffee in for a random surprise, here are some fresh ideas that you might want to consider.

Flexible schedules: If you are not able to offer employees the ability to work remotely or to create their own schedules, a great alternative is to offer “work from home” days during the month.  This shows trust, which your employees will appreciate.

Concierge Service: Offer employees an on-site concierge to help thing with everyday errands such as mailing, delivering groceries, or picking up prescriptions.

Free Classes: Always allow your employees to learn.  This can be done by offering free classes to engage their creativity, or offer free presentations from speakers regarding a subject of interest for your company.

Free Booze: Having beer in the fridge or wine in the pantry is a good way for your employees to unwind a little bit after a long day of productivity.  It is all the rage!

Free Massages: Who doesn’t enjoy a good backrub? It is becoming more normal for companies to offer massages as a work perk to relieve stress.

Discounts of event tickets and retailers: From movie tickets to discounts on cellphone services, everyone loves having the opportunity to get a good deal.

On-site childcare: The thought of on-site childcare for parents is usually enough to make them swoon, and the number of companies who offer this service is growing.

On-site haircuts: Scheduling a haircut around a busy schedule can be a pain, but if you offer it through your company, you can save your employees the headache!

Community service days: Volunteering is a good way to boost employee morale, and encourage team building.

Nap rooms: Naps are one of the best things on earth.  Offering a way for employees to have a midday refresher could make for a happier and more productive workplace.

Free Play: By having just a pool or foosball table, you can boost productivity and strengthen team bonding.

Fitness Discounts: Having fit employees and a healthy environment can be a great benefit to your company.  You can have on-site yoga classes, or company sponsored weight-loss programs to encourage involvement.

Employee referral bonuses: Great employees offer great hire referrals. Offer incentives for referring new hires.

Hack-a-thons: These events tap into worker’s creativity, and can also generate new business ideas.

Pet-friendly environments: Having animals around typical brings a smile to everyone’s face.   A growing number of companies are allowing employees to bring their fur babies to work with them.

Consider these options as a way to create a happy and productive space for your employees!