Some people could sell ice to an Eskimo, and others couldn’t sell them a trip to Florida. Everyday we sell our ideas, plans, products or services, and in order to be more efficient, it wouldn’t hurt to take some notes from the habits of successful sales people.  So here are the 7 habits of a sales person:

1. They hustle when others hunker down.

  • When the going gets tough, some choose to crawl into a safe place, when the rewards come to those who takes risks. They can embrace a challenge.

2. They constantly work at being relationship farmers.

  •  They are not pushy or rude; instead, they work on building and maintaining relationships.

3. They thoroughly research their prospects.

  • They use social media as a research tool to gain knowledge on who they want to connect with. They start with LinkedIn to get the basics, move to Facebook to get more specific information and then to Twitter to see their tweets and the people they follow.

4. They make direct, personal connections.

  •  Let your prospects see you as an ally rather than just another pest trying to fake a common interest only to sell your stuff.

5. They are resoundingly resilient.

  •  Smart salespeople learn from mistakes and make themselves better after a bruising.

6. They do self-surgery and give themselves a “try-ectomy”

  • They don’t settle for trying, they only settle for results.

7. They try to embrace technology to help people.

  • Top salespeople don’t get enmeshed in the technology, but always have a mindset to use it to be more productive and help others.