2017 Aug, 21

SSG Knows: Financial Recruiting

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SSG KNOWS: Finance Recruitment Finance recruitment is an area that Search Solution Group excels at. So what makes our finance and accounting headhunters so savvy? It’s all in the approach. Search Solution Group’s recruiters use a unique and methodical system of sourcing, contacting, assessing, and developing a relationship with candidates who are (active candidates) [...]

2017 Aug, 17

Inc Magazine Names SSG an Inc 1000 Company for 3rd Year!

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Inc. Magazine Awards Search Solution Group Top 1000 Fastest Growing Company Award For the third consecutive year, Search Solution Group wins Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Privately-held Company Award. Search Solution Group is incredibly honored to have been recognized as a top growing company for the third consecutive year! First ranked a Fastest Growing Private [...]

2017 Aug, 16

Best questions to ask during an interview

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Interview 101 What questions should be asked to an employer during the interview? When heading into an interview, a good thing to remember is that this is a conversation geared toward a mutually beneficial partnership between a person and a company. Yes, it is up to the candidate to showcase the benefit [...]

2017 Aug, 14

How To Become a Human Lie Detector

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Become a Lie Detector About one-third of resumes contain false information. Past employment and education are the two most common lies found on resumes. Most hiring managers know this, however, 82 percent of resume untruths still go undetected. Here is how you can become a human polygraph: Ask the details Anything [...]

2017 Aug, 8

Headhunting vs Recruiting

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Headhunting vs Recruiting Many people use the terms recruiter and headhunter interchangeably. As Emil Gerardi explains in the video, there is a very distinct difference between working in the recruiting industry and becoming a true headhunter! Headhunting vs. Recruiting While recruiters and headhunters appear [...]

2017 Aug, 2

Selling The Candidate On Your Company

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Selling The Candidate On Your Company Premier recruits, the type who can take your business to the next level, have their pick of job opportunities. So, how do you get them to consider your organization as the first choice? Start selling them on your company, as well as on the position, [...]

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