2018 Feb, 13

What Skills to Put on a Resume

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The Difference Between Hard and Soft Skills Stand out resumes are the best way to ensure a candidate will be considered for the best jobs they qualify for. However, many candidates struggle to highlight their successes, soft skills, and other important attributes that will set them apart from other candidates. Simply listing job descriptions [...]

2018 Feb, 2

5 Recommended Reads of 2018 that Will Help You Revamp Your Career and Life

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The beginning of a new year is the best time to take a whole new approach to an everyday routine. Whether you are looking for the catalyst to springboard your career or you need a little extra motivation to start 2018 the right way, we recommend reading these 5 books for business and life [...]

2018 Jan, 19

10 Things to Say That Will Disqualify a Candidate in a Job Interview

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Where job interviews are concerned, the more practice a candidate has, the more comfortable they become with the grueling questions and subtle tests of knowledge. However, even the most skilled candidate has the possibility of saying something which may be deemed inappropriate for interview settings, even if it may seem harmless. Poor interview etiquette [...]

2018 Jan, 11

Recruitment Services: SSG Gives Solutions

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Since 2002, Search Solution Group has been trusted by the world’s largest companies to locate and secure top executive level talent. By building strong relationships with our clients, we have expanded our service offering to include mid-level contingency based recruitment services. Now, in an effort to continually offer our clients a total staffing solution, [...]

2017 Dec, 18

SSG Knows Recruitment for Payroll Accounting

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How Search Solution Group Headhunts for a Payroll Accountant   Having an accountant is vital to any financial department, as they’re responsible for reporting a company’s expenses and revenues and determining the financial standing of a company. Digging a little deeper, payroll accountants are certified and skilled in reporting payroll and fringe benefits. [...]

2017 Dec, 12

Search Solution Group Opens New Office in Atlanta, GA

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SSG Headhunting Talent in Major Southeast Market Search Solution Group continues it's nationwide expansion by opening a new office Atlanta Georgia. According to georgia.org, Georgia ranks #1 among the top 10 states for aerospace manufacturing at a $64B impact, as well as the #2 best economy in the nation. [...]

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