2017 Apr, 26

Job Interviews: Make or Break in 30 Seconds

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Job Interviews: Make or Break in 30 Seconds As someone famous once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The moment someone lays eyes on you for the first time they begin forming their impression of who you are. Instantly, your facial expression and eye-movement are noticed. [...]

2017 Apr, 25

SSG Knows: Compensation and Benefits

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SSG Knows: Compensation and Benefits Under the Human Resources division lies the specialized category Compensation and Benefits. These professionals are responsible for the design and implementation of compensation structures, benefits packages, and retirement plans. Companies often rely on the expertise of an executive recruiting agency when hiring for roles within Compensation and Benefits. Why does a [...]

2017 Apr, 10

Why Companies are Turning to Search Firms

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Companies Twice as Likely to Use Headhunters in 2017 There was a time when business leaders resorted to working with headhunters only for the seemingly impossible job searches. Today, companies are changing their perception when it comes to executive search firms with the numbers indicating this trend strengthening over the next [...]

2017 Apr, 6

Not All Emails Are Created Equal: Email Etiquette

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6 Tips to Master the Lost Art of Email In today’s world of emojis, texts, and tweets, professionals are becoming less and less refined in their email communication. Professionally polished letters have devolved over time and have since become sentence fragments, callously barked at coworkers and in constant need of clarification. A clear, well-written, [...]

2017 Mar, 16

When to Fire an Employee: Top Signs the Time is Now

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When to Fire an Employee Making the tough decision to let an employee go When to fire an employee is a question all managers ask themselves during their career. Managers across the board agree that firing an employee is the hardest thing they are tasked with during their career. Nevertheless this is something every [...]

2017 Mar, 12

SSG Attends Pittcon 2017 in Chicago!

By | March 12th, 2017|SSG Knows Life Science|0 Comments

SSG attends Pittcon 2017 in Chicago Having a strong core competency in the Life Sciences and Engineering fields, the Baltimore office has become a regular site at the annual Pittcon conference. This year the best and brightest in the science and engineering fields came together in the windy city of Chicago to learn, network, and of course [...]

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