recruitment for accounts receivable

Accounts Receivable

recruitment for accounts receivable

Accounts Receivable

recruitment for accounts receivable
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Accounts Receivable Recruitment Firm


Recruiting for Accounts Receivable specialists requires time, expertise, and a network of top accounting talent across a variety of industries. At Search Solution Group, our recruiters specialize in finding qualified accounts receivable professionals who possess the specific skills desired by the company.

On top of having a superior financial knowledge to track and ensure that all monies owed to a company are accounted, accounts receivable specialists must be extremely organized and reliable. They must be incredibly thorough and detail-oriented to prepare invoices, record transactions, make deposits, and produce statements.

Using our network of thousands of accounting professionals across the nation, our recruiters provide businesses with talent that matches the culture and business model and can be a dependable asset from the start. To ensure an ideal fit, our firm is prescriptive in determining the specific needs of the company before embarking on a comprehensive vetting process of qualified candidates. The accounting recruiters at Search Solution Group get to know the detailed history of each candidate’s work experience—asking not only about their experience monitoring accounts and estimating collections, but also reconciling bad debts and handling delinquent loans.

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Accounts Receivable Industry Experience

Accounts Receivable specialists in the medical billing industry need applicable experience balancing many, large patient and insurance accounts. Candidates need a strong understanding of the language of insurance correspondence and should be able to effectively communicate claim rejections, delinquent payments, etc.

In the Real Estate industry, Accounts Receivable specialists balance a variety of duties including preparing and distributing monthly tenant billings, verifying processing of cash receipts, and preparing bank deposits. They work closely with property managers and regularly update them on billing.

Accounts Receivable specialists for a construction company work with many vendors and subcontractors, reviewing payables. They often balance the job costing and billing of several simultaneous projects and prepare monthly financial statements.

“When partnering with Search Solution Group, there is not a lot of corporate speak—they treat their business partners like humans and speak to them as friends. They consistently locate outstanding professionals for my team through their understanding of my personal needs, the critical points I look for in people, and our business model.”

John Evangelista, VP Human Resources, Equifax
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