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Highly skilled audit professionals do not exactly saturate the accounting market. These heavily sought after individuals have no problem in finding employment and no problem turning down inadequate offers from the multitudes received. Our expert audit recruiters have mastered the art of finding and getting through to these individuals on your behalf. With a strong and trusted network of audit talent across the United States, we know who you are looking for, and we produce.

The cost of a strong auditor is an insignificant cost compared to the response of breaching the legality set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board or the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. Ensuring legal compliance and detecting fraud, are the two surface-level roles an auditor maintains. Our audit headhunters provide unmatched consultative guidance to aid you in finding the right match for your all your audit recruitment needs.

The Audit Industry

However, the industry is split into two intensive sectors, internal controls, and quality management. Internal controls operate in the traditional auditing sense, working to maintain the correctness and legality of the accounting done by a company. A quality management auditor may work to analyze the quality of outputs and concentrate efforts to improve or trim processes. Their positioning characterizes both sides of auditing in relation to the company. Internal controls are entrenched externally to ensure no bias affects the objective auditing process. Quality control and internal auditing of monetary operations are conducted internally to create or maintain a competitive advantage. To add to the overall specificity in the field, standards for public traded companies are set by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. A potential candidate is well versed on the parallel developments of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board to establish a future operative hire.

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Audit Roles We Recruit For

An auditor’s responsibilities are very similar to an accountant’s. Like an accountant, an auditor develops, analyzes, and manages financial records. However, auditors more typically work for an accounting or payroll service, rather than working for one singular company. Generally, an auditor reviews the work performed by a company’s accountant. He or she often helps many companies deal with their finances.

The Audit Supervisor oversees the audit staff during audits and controls consulting engagements that assess corporate management and operating methods. They also oversee audit planning, fieldwork, and audit reporting; provides reports, and gives findings and recommendations to line and senior management.

External auditors communicate their findings to concerned parties, such as company shareholders, the government, or the public. People trust them to give reliable, trustworthy reports from an outsider’s viewpoint rather than having a vested interest in the outcome.

Internal Auditor responsibilities include: implementing the full audit cycle including risk management and control management over operations’ effectiveness, financial reliability and compliance with all appropriate directives and statutes.

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Audit Accounting Experience

A trait central to the function of a competent auditor is communication.  Auditors are often in direct contact with stakeholders, which rely on the truthfulness of the financial statements and other reports of the auditor. Communicating, precision, accuracy, and professionalism in a multitude of cases are of incredible importance.

The two standards categories of audits are performance and quality. A performance audit is a detached study of a process to access if an entity is meeting economy in return on resources spent. Information systems and security, and environmental policies, all utilize performance audits to examine and confirm the advancement of directives.

Quality audits are the more traditionally associated form of the industry. Verifying compliance with current industry standards,  making quality audits essential to proving the objectively that conformance in process exists.

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