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Tax professionals are often under a heavy workload, are nearly impossible to reach, and rarely have the need to apply to a company online. Often a company realizes they need to fill this role during the profession’s busiest time of year.

Search Solution Group headhunters have been placing talent within the tax accounting industry since 2002, working closely to fill roles with industry leaders requesting both temporary and permanent tax positions. Tax accounting recruiters at Search Solution Group specialize in a range of depths across the vast tax accounting industry. Due to the variance in role expectations and necessary ability, understanding the needs of the client is foremost.

Recruiting Better Tax Accountants

Position length is the first differentiator, understanding if the clients need roles filled specifically for tax season is very different from hiring a long-term tax consultant to strategically analyze and advise a corporate entity based on the microeconomics of transactions differs drastically in skillsets. The form of experience necessary for both positions is drastically different, utilizing separate skills sets and abilities within the same field. By understanding the need of a company, specialized Search Solution Group headhunters can find the fit for the role, ensuring a well-experienced, operative hire.

tax accounting recruitment firm insideFinding a pointedly experienced candidate with a tenured background in similar industries poses an obstacle to conventional internal hiring methods. However, Search Solution Group exceeds in recruiting the best tax accounting talent through headhunting. A headhunters search begins with the client’s competitors. In a complex market like tax, sourcing talent from similar industries guarantees proven experience, specialization, and ability.

A candidate may need to understand non-standard taxation, environmental taxation, license fees, managing exercise duties, or simply payroll taxation. But, a quality candidate regardless of the skills needed, should be interested in and knowledgeable of the ever-changing economic environment. From changes in international trade’s, tariffs and, restrictions, to changes in business level taxation.

Industry Experience

Lastly, Search Solution Group headhunters seek clients with in-depth knowledge of the jurisdiction the client is in. This is to potentially present a well educated and experienced candidate with the ability to begin working immediately without training, or the inherent research needed to perform the position task effectively.

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“Search Solution Group’s services come with an unparalleled level of connection and understanding that other firms do not offer. Jeremy and his team are incredibly personable and collaborative throughout the search process, and their speed, quality, and business acumen are top-notch.

John Evangelista, VP Human Resources, Equifax
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