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Josh Mangum is the Director of Strategy at Search Solution Group. Josh is responsible for leading efforts to drive increased business by developing and executing marketing programs in alignment with the organization’s outcome-based sales approach and complementary foundational messaging strategy.
2018 Nov, 26

The Cost of a Vacancy

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We have compiled research from many credible sources to determine the true cost of a vacant position. Read our summary below or download the FULL WHITE PAPER article by filling out the form further down the page. Most hiring managers understand that vacancies result in an obvious direct cost to a company. [...]

2018 Nov, 16

SSG named #1 Best Place to Work By Charlotte Business Journal!

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Where is the Best Place to Work in Charlotte? According to the Charlotte Business Journal Search Solution Group is the best place to work in Charlotte. Based on third-party surveys conducted by Quantum Workplace, Search Solution Group has been named the #1 best mid-size company to work for in Charlotte in 2018. This [...]

2018 Nov, 15

The Role of Questions in Executive Interviews

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The strategy of an executive level interview from the standpoint of both interviewer and executive is the same. Interviews at the executive level are a conversation, both sides enter cautiously optimistic, using answers to determine if the other party is the right fit. Due to the gravity of this decision neither side wants [...]

2018 Nov, 8

Recruitment for Organizational Development Professionals

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Organizational development is a field of research to understand and utilize behavioral psychology in successful organizational management. Grasping the extent of organizational climate and culture is essential for efficient on-boarding, process development, culture development, and structural change within a company. Our firm's organizational development recruiters are well-versed in behavioral psychology, and the studies conducted in [...]

2018 Nov, 5

Employee Retention in the Post-Modern Industry

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Postmodernism describes the generational reaction to the current state of the industry, as millennials enter the workforce the effects of postmodernism are becoming increasingly relevant. Employee retention rates are sharply declining, as 43% of millennials plan to resign from their current positions, as reported by Zack Friedman of Forbes2. Retaining the current workforce, and [...]

2018 Oct, 31

Enthusiasm: The Most Powerful Tool of Leadership

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In 2009, The Academy of Management Journal published a study of “entrepreneur passion” and the effects it has on the funding decisions of venture capitalists.  The inherent challenge of entrepreneurial endeavors is the reliance on “selling” the vision. However, out of the multitude of factors considered, the most persuasive of entrepreneurs had one [...]

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