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The ability to strategize business development and capitalize on growth opportunities takes a thoughtful, motivated professional—and recruiting for business development requires ample time, experience, and a network of capable sales and business development professionals.

A career in business development requires a unique skill set that goes beyond education and certifications. In addition to many other responsibilities, business development professionals generate new leads, explore new markets, hunt for opportunities to increase revenue, and develop a strategy. At base, candidates need to be ambitious, strategic, and goal-oriented with a solid history of success in increasing company revenue and developing new business relationships. Headhunting business development talent is especially ideal when clients need an established business development leader with a proven track record within a given industry.

Understanding Company Needs and Expectations

Recruiting for business development roles requires much more than screening resumes, it calls for a comprehensive vetting of the personality types of the candidates and how they will impact the success of an organization. If done internally, conducting such a search can be taxing on an organization’s productivity while leaders of the company are focusing on hiring the right person to lead business development. However, investing in the expertise of a headhunting firm that specializes in business development ensures the sourcing of a qualified hire, within a shorter time frame.

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Due to our sales recruiters’ reach and connection to successful sales professionals, our firm has access to qualified business development professionals ranging in experience and industry expertise.

To recruit for business development positions, Search Solution Group first becomes familiar with the company—its short and long-term business goals, how it functions, and how the business development role functions within the organization. Our firm diagnoses the exact need to provide clarity for the search and find the most capable talent for the role.

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Finding the Ideal Candidate

After pinpointing the needs of the organization and requirements of the role, our sales recruiters first search for candidates in established positions with a history of proven success. Throughout the screening process, our team maintains constant contact with the organization to ensure that their business development expectations line up with candidates.

The weight and expectations of business development positions vary across industries; whether an organization needs candidates with experience in sales, marketing, data analysis, or a combination of all three—the specialized headhunters at Search Solution Group tap into their network of successful business development professionals in the same or similar industry to find an ideal candidate.

Search Solution Group is trusted by industry-leading organizations to place Directors of Business Development and Business Development managers. Our proven expertise and efficiency leads to long-term partnerships with organizations for their business development needs.