The red carpet was rolled out last Saturday for the 007 Young Professionals Gala. Eat Work Play hosted the event at Sugar Creek Brewing, styling the space in a sheen of golden panache. Young professionals, local media channels, and even members of the Charlotte Hornets organization made their appearance at the gala, rubbing elbows with the business elite. The affectation of 1970’s James Bond was realized through the Aston Martins dropping off essential guests Josh Mensinger and Allison Horton, the former being awarded as Young Professional of the Month.  The landing of a helicopter amidst the bracket of guests followed to elevate the espionage motif.

007 young professional gala charlotte by fotobossi

We are extremely honored by Eat Work Play recognizing one of our star performers, Josh Mensinger, as a standout Young Professional in Charlotte! We appreciate Josh for how hard he has worked to make it to this point but also for the significant role he plays at Search Solution Group. To learn more about Josh Mensinger’s story click here.

Leaving the helicopter and Aston Martins out front, the golden gala began. Large metal doors revealed decadent decor overlooking Brazilian dancers, while aerialists floated over the guest.

As the light faded, Eat Work Play revealed the 007 Young Professionals Gala garnered $10,000 for Smart Start of Mecklenburg County for Early Childhood Programs to support upward mobility. Smart Start is an organization set on mobilizing resources, forging partnerships, and supporting families to improve early childhood health.

12 hours after the Gala’s close, a fetching brunch was as an aside to the banter exchanged between the exclusive Gala guests. The Omni hotel hosted an immaculate setting, looking out upon the skyline of uptown Charlotte.  

The gala had a massive impact on the sociality of Charlotte and we at Search Solution Group are more than proud to take part in an event that raised considerable awareness for such a necessary program.