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SSG knows that recruiting for key personnel in specialized categories, such as Compensation and Benefits, requires a deft and discerning hand — the candidate who possesses just the right expertise, training, and experience for one company may fall short of the mark for another. These professionals are responsible for the development and implementation of company benefits packages, compensation structures, and employee retirement plans, making it essential that the person is a good match for the overall company culture and profile. Unfortunately, many recruitment firms are more concerned with filling open positions quickly than with dealing with the nuances necessary to ensure that they are filled with the right people. They may also not have a firm grasp on just what the jobs at hand entail, making it possible that they simply don’t know what types of questions to ask applicants. Another drawback is identifying potential candidates who are actively considering their options for changing companies.

Ashley Goldberg and Josh Mensinger explain what we look for when recruiting for compensation and benefits professionals:

Finding the right talent for compensation positions is a challenging undertaking as well as extremely time-consuming — and just one small lapse can end up costing significant sums of money. Hiring managers often feel let down by HR recruitment firms due to a variety of factors. For instance, the wrong fit means starting the recruitment and hiring process all over again from ground zero and incurring the resulting expenses. Search Solution Group helps busy executives circumvent these struggles. Our recruiters are handpicked to deliver customized results using a combination of traditional, tried-and-true headhunting techniques and state-of-the-art human resources technology.

Why SSG is Different

At SSG, we carefully curate individual candidates with an eye for finding the right fit for our corporate clients. Instead of simply looking at qualifications and experience, we delve deeper to identify those who fit well into particular corporate cultures and personalities — after all, even the most highly skilled applicant may fail to thrive when the company culture is a poor fit. It’s also essential to not take a one-size-fits-all approach to Compensation and Benefits staffing because there are numerous types of compensation involved in corporate operations. A candidate with plenty of experience with a small staff, for instance, may not be the best choice for a job that requires designing and developing compensation programs for large numbers of employees. SSG asks applicants a series of comprehensive questions with the purpose of narrowing down skills and qualifications to suit very specific job responsibilities.