recruitment for credit and collections professionals

Recruiting an effective credit and collections candidate begins with fully understanding a company’s needs. There are two very separate forms of collections: Commercial and Consumer Collections.

Recruiting for Commercial Collections

Hiring for commercial collections relies on the ability to build relationships internally and externally to recall debts and settle accounts. Commercial collections is, in general, less technical as the legislation governing the ethics of collections interactions is less strict in comparison to consumer collections. However, in these roles, there is a much greater emphasis on the interpersonal skills of the professional as they interact with clients and other companies. 

Recruitment for Consumer Collections

Consumer collections, on the other hand, requires a candidate with an acute knowledge of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and its legislation. Hiring for consumer collections hinges less on the candidate’s personal skills and more of their ability to collect within legality. Consumer collections hiring needs are often urgent, as 71 million Americans have at least one debt in collections, according to the Urban Institute.     

recruitment for credit and collections professionals inside image

The use of credit and the recalling of debts is vital for the financials of a business to function efficiently. Recruiting for a credit and collections professional is often difficult due to the high variability in job responsibility. Stark differences in required skill sets between the two sides of collections and the risk associated with a poor hire create a position incredibly difficult to recruit for.  Sourcing a successful credit and collections candidate requires an understanding of the legal limitations and the skillset central to the role. The position calls for the keeping, monitoring, and recording of accounts while leveraging client relationships to call upon debts. However, a poor credit and collections hire could lead to issues of legality, fines, financial disruption, irreparable damage to corporate relationships, or worse yet, diminished consumer perception.

Once our dedicated account manager has clearly established the needs of the company, our expertly trained team of accounting recruiters will seek out and vet potential credit and collections candidates. Specialized credit and collections recruiters at Search Solution Group have a network of talent to pull from to find the right fit for the position. Recruiting for credit and collections is timely, and a credit and collections recruiting firm can ensure a faster, more accurate sourcing process. In such an intensive field, the risk of a bad hire directly affecting a company’s bottom line and potentially alienating clients is a costly risk. However, working with a credit and collections recruiting firm minimizes the inherent risk of hiring in the field.