We have compiled research from many credible sources to determine how data is impacting business, specifically talent acquisition.

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The recent influx of technological advances has buried businesses across nearly every industry.  The utilization of data and technology is pressingly relevant to the success of modern business with terms like machine learning, automation, and robots being used on a more regular basis. Commercial giants like Blockbuster, Borders, and Toys “R” Us have all fallen from greatness, while companies who embrace technology have risen to become leaders of their industries.

finding talent to use data
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The foundationally traditional field of human resources and, more specifically, talent acquisition has been slow to integrate the use of data collection and analysis. However, talent acquisition firms must soon adapt to remain competitively relevant. With growing direct and indirect competitive pressures, the talent acquisition field demands a higher level of performance, technical aptitude, and precision, which is only possible through the leveraging of data.