Which company culture is right for you?

If you truly want to exceed in what you do, it starts with being happy with your job. We have heard time and time again; in order to be successful in the workplace, we need to be happy in the workplace. However, a recent survey says 70% of US employees hate where they work. This number has been increasing. One problem might be that employees are accepting the first job offer they receive, whether it is because they are in desperate need of work or because of lack of research. So how do you tell which company culture is a right for you?

Get a feel for the office before you start

You need to be able to get a feel for the company before you start working there. After you look at the company’s website and get a basic understanding of the work environment, style and culture, you need to take a look at who is interviewing you. Normally, this person is going to be someone you will work closely with. If they are late and have no respect for your time and efforts, then they probably won’t respect you when you’re working for them. When walking into the interview, notice if employees are enjoying their job by the look on their face. If they look terrified or despondent, it’s likely they don’t enjoy their job. A healthy corporate culture has a balance of work, friendliness, and socializing. Kimberly Kasper, Chief Marketing Officer at Highfive Technologies, suggests that a candidate should request to sit in on a team meeting to get a glimpse of the environment and see the team in action. Generally, if you feel welcomed and comfortable before you accept the job, it is a good sign that you will feel appreciated and comfortable once in the position.

Does the job allow you to balance your job and personal responsibilities?

According to a recent survey done by Ernest and Young, “one of the top things employees say is very important in a potential job is, being able to work flexibly and still be on track for promotion”. Find out if the job fits into your lifestyle. Whether that is that you need to leave at a certain time to pick up your kids after school, would like to get home for dinner with your family, or need a late start. Find a work environment that works for your lifestyle and can help you to be most productive.

Find out what motivates you.

This requires you to do some self evaluation as well as some research on the company. You need to find out in which work environment you are most productive, whether that is extravagant office views and a large desk in a private office or an open floor plan that encourages teamwork, conversation and a lot of working together. Do you work better under pressure or when you have a lot of down time? Do some research on the company beforehand to see if it offers perks that will make your life more enjoyable and contribute to improved morale. However, don’t get caught up in the list of company perks as they can tempt you into joining a workplace that is overall not a good fit and will not contribute to maximizing your happiness.

Considering that most people will spend more that 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, being happy at work will greatly improve your chances of being happy in life. Increase your chance to be truly happy in the workplace by making sure you know what you’re getting into before you walk into the interview and accept that job offer.


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