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3 recruitment divisions search solution group

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Financial Planning & Analysis Recruitment Firm


Financial Planning and Analysis is a highly-impactful division of an organization’s finances and development, and recruiting for such professionals requires a thorough understanding of the field and its talent market. FP&A professionals are responsible for supporting and advising company leaders to achieve optimal financial performance based on profitability, cash flow, return on capital, and economic value added.

With the unemployment rate of FP&A professionals under 1%, recruiting in this field has become increasingly critical and requires the skills of a recruitment firm that specializes in headhunting in the world of Finance. The finance recruiters at Search Solution Group understand the critical components of Financial Planning & Analysis—that key stakeholders and c-suite executives depend on the information provided by Financial Planners & Analysts to be dependable to make valuable decisions for the company. In order to provide companies with top talent based on their unique needs, our firm headhunts for individuals with years of relevant experience in finance, then evaluates them based on their history of running data, strategizing, problem-solving and advising.

Financial Planning

Professionals in Financial Planning must have exceptional financial knowledge and experience that allows them to foresee the financial implications of business decisions. They should also have a thorough understanding of how business models, flow of sales, and cash flow management impact the overall financial position of an organization. Financial Planners use this knowledge to develop budgets, regular or rolling forecasts, and potential growth scenarios.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysts are primarily responsible for providing analytic services to support the finances of an organization. These professionals should be highly skilled in translating data, communicating progress, and troubleshooting problem areas. Key responsibilities include comparing actuals with budgets, plans, and forecasts, performing ad hoc reactive analysis, strategic analysis, and proactive analysis.

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Financial Planning and Analysis Roles We Recruit For

FP&A Managers oversee the planning and analysis of a financial department and develop plans to ensure the efficiency of the department. They manage project budgets and profitability analyses, conduct performance and efficiency reports, and execute projects as needed. Managers should be able to perform a variety of functions to maintain the productivity and efficiency of the planning and analysis of finances.

Financial Planners serve as a point of contact for comprehensive planning and problem-solving of finances. This role requires several years of experience and extensive knowledge of risk management, compliance, and regulatory matters. Financial Planners should be able to understand the overview of a company’s finances and fully understand goals.

Analysts evaluate a variety of financial results such as proposals, investment opportunities, capital expenditures, financial statements, etc. Their responsibilities typically include compiling budgetary and fiscal data to prepare revenue balance statements, completing analyses of records of operations, conducting studies to support management, and reporting to and advising company leadership on the state of the company’s finances.

“Search Solution Group’s services come with an unparalleled level of connection and understanding that other firms do not offer. Jeremy and his team are incredibly personable and collaborative throughout the search process, and their speed, quality, and business acumen are top-notch.”

John Evangelista, VP Human Resources, Equifax
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