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Change Management Recruitment Agency

Change Management Recruitment Agency

When a business is undergoing significant change, it can be distracting to the workforce as a whole. Whether it be implementing new software or systems, adapting to new processes, or getting the employee population on board with a new manager or leader, productivity is often compromised when company leaders and employees are juggling their job duties and dealing with change. In order for companies to efficiently and positively respond to change, a change management specialist may be needed to oversee the entirety of the process and manage it from all perspectives.

What Sets Us Apart

When companies partner with Search Solution Group to find a change management professional, our expert team of recruiters takes a careful, detailed approach to locate the ideal candidate for the organization. Because a change management professional will make a long-lasting impact on the company’s people, morale, and productivity, it’s vital that the professional possess the exact hard and soft skills necessary to drive success among the workforce.


How we find the best talent

Our firm works collaboratively with clients to identify the specific certifications, level of experience, and areas of expertise that are best suited for the role and company objectives. Our expert HR recruiters are diligent in their pursuit of change management professionals who introduce change and ensure a seamless transition, minimizing the impact on productivity and efficiency.


Top Change Management Specialists

A Change Management Specialist requires superb problem-solving and collaboration skills. Professionals holding this title are focused on the continuous improvement of processes to optimize the efficiency and productivity of teams across the organization, or organization as a whole. Because Change Management Specialists may work with an organization’s IT department, accounting department, marketing team, and more, they need to be highly adaptable to effectively manage change among those teams.

A Director of Change Management may oversee an organization’s overarching Change Management approach across several offices. These strategic, “big-picture” professionals must ensure a consistent delivery of change management, people management, and process improvement to optimize processes in the midst of change.

An Organizational Change Consultant must quickly assess company processes, goals, and problem areas to act as a trusted advisor on the best way to approach and adapt to change. As consultants, these professionals work closely with the company’s leadership to rapidly identify the end goal of the change process and develop a plan of action that best suits the needs of the organization.


50% of HR managers say they have open positions and not one qualified candidate to fill that opening.

-HR Exchange Network


75% of HR professionals state that the skills shortage within the HR talent market has worsened in the past two years.


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