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HRIS Recruitment Agency

HRIS Recruitment Agency

Human Resources Information Systems combines IT software with management resources to optimize the management of human resources, business processes, and data. HRIS professionals act as a liaison between HR and IT who designs and implements technological solutions to optimize HR functions. It can be difficult to find professionals with this unique skill set with the desired experience that would make them an ideal fit at a company—that’s why companies continuously partner with Search Solution Group to find HRIS professionals.

We Know HRIS

 Typically, the top priority of clients is that candidates are proficient in the system the department uses—whether that be PeopleSoft, Workday, ADP, Oracle, etc. Another factor to consider is whether candidates have simply been a user in the system or implemented a new system and whether that has been nationally, globally, how well they did it, and how long it took. These factors vary depending on the size and type of organization.


How we find the best talent

Our firm’s expert HR recruiters know what it takes to be successful in an HRIS role and are connected to some of the field’s top talent across the nation. When companies partner with Search Solution Group for an HRIS role, they have specific skills and qualifications in mind that will make candidates successful at the company.


Top HRIS Specialists

HRIS Analysts focus on the overall support of the system used as the technical point of contact to ensure processes are running smoothly and effectively. These professionals are continuously analyzing, troubleshooting, initiating testing and upgrades and more. They often coordinate with HR leadership regarding needs to fully support the HR department and its processes.

The HRIS Manager oversees the efficiency of the systems used within the organization. The Manager leads a team of HRIS analysts or assistants to ensure that needs are being met in an effective manner. The HRIS Manager frequently collaborates with HR and IT leadership to assess inefficiencies, needs, and areas of improvement.

These professionals specialize in the implementation of new systems in an organization. They are the go-to resource for the learning process for all employees learning the process and how the system can be utilized efficiently based on the unique needs of the company.


50% of HR managers say they have open positions and not one qualified candidate to fill that opening.

-HR Exchange Network


75% of HR professionals state that the skills shortage within the HR talent market has worsened in the past two years.


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