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HR Business Partner Recruitment Agency

HR Business Partner Recruitment Agency

When companies are in need of an HR business partner, working with a recruiting firm that specializes in human resources is essential. The role of HRBP is highly specialized and requires a unique set of skills—companies cannot conduct the search themselves and risk the cost of a bad hire. 

While internal HR teams may hire an HRBP once every few years, our firm matches companies with driven HR Business Partners on a monthly basis. Search Solution Group’s HR business partner recruitment team is connected to the pulse of the HR talent market and its key players; when tasked with a search for a Human Resources Business Partner, the recruiters at Search Solution Group are able to quickly contact candidates who are ideal for the role.

What Sets Us Apart

During the search and interview processes, our HR recruiters learn the details of each candidate’s experience to ensure that they can meet the needs of the organization. Each organization has a unique set of requirements for the role and our recruitment team works diligently to headhunt professionals with relevant experience—whether it is working closely with one department or developing HR strategies for 1,000 employees. For all HRBP roles, our firm ensures that candidates are forward-thinking, results-driven, and have worked closely with senior leadership to develop and optimize HR policies that will improve the efficiencies of the company. 


How we find the best talent

The role’s ideal hard and soft skills are determined through a highly-collaborative process. Our firm works closely with the client’s senior leadership to fully understand the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs from an HR perspective to locate a professional who can develop strategies and implement processes to improve HR operations. 


Top HR Business Partner Specialists

When recruiting for Global HR Business Partner candidates, our firm headhunts the entire talent market to locate highly experienced, forward-thinking, big-picture HR professionals. This role requires international travel to understand the organization’s global HR operations and works closely with executive leadership.

Our firm is connected with excellent HRBP candidates specializing in Diversity & Inclusion. Ideal candidates for this role have a proven history of high-level, strategic HR experience and immense levels of education and training within Diversity & Inclusion.

Search Solution Group locates ideal candidates for HR Business Partner – Talent Acquisition through our nationwide professional network in HR. We are closely connected with candidates who develop and implement Talent Acquisition strategies for organizations at a high level.


50% of HR managers say they have open positions and not one qualified candidate to fill that opening.

-HR Exchange Network


75% of HR professionals state that the skills shortage within the HR talent market has worsened in the past two years.


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