Recruiting for HRIS professionals is incredibly challenging due to their rare set of skills based in the intersections of human resources and IT software. On top of that, there are a plethora of different systems on the market that HRIS professionals specialize in. In order to find the exact talent that their business needs, companies should invest in the services of an HR recruitment firm with specialized HRIS recruiters

Without the time, expertise, and professional network of an experienced HR recruiter, companies could spend months locating the right HRIS professional who meets the specific needs of the company.


Recruiting HRIS Talent:

At Search Solution Group, our HR recruitment team is closely connected to the HR talent market and knows how to reach the field’s top talent. When our firm is trusted to find talent for any organization, our top priority is getting to know the company’s organizational structure, the department’s strengths and weaknesses, and the specific needs of the role. For HRIS positions especially, our firm takes this step even further. 

Our firm’s expert HR recruiters fully assess our client’s business model, HR operations, and their successes and failures with human resources management systems and/or software. We nail down the details of our client’s business so our HRIS recruiters can accurately identify who is best for the role: is it more in line with an HRIS, HRMS, or HRIT title? Should the level of seniority be Analyst-level or Director-level? 

Other details our recruiters use to enhance our headhunting approach include the type of system that the company uses and whether they need a professional to step into existing functions or develop new HRIS strategies. If the company needs an experienced professional to administer existing software and processes, our HRIS recruiters scan their nationwide network of HRIS experts to locate qualified candidates with years of experience administering the company’s corresponding software—whether it be PeopleSoft, Workday, ADP, or other software. 

If our client needs an HRIS expert to come in and implement new software, develop processes, and train its workforce, our HRIS recruiters are careful and deliberate in their headhunting approach for top talent. They scan the entire HRIS talent pool to locate leaders who are experienced in implementing the system that the company needs. Additionally, our HRIS recruiters seek to fully understand each candidate’s history of implementing that software. Was it implemented across one office, nationally, or globally? How long did the implementation take, and how successful was it? What steps did they take to ensure a smooth transition? These are the questions that our expert recruiters ask to find our clients the ideal match. 

What Makes HRIS Professionals Successful:

At Search Solution Group, our HR recruitment team knows what makes distinguishes HRIS professionals from other individuals in human resources. In order to be successful in an organization, HRIS specialists must closely collaborate and effectively communicate with different departments across the company. They are, essentially, the liaison between HR and IT departments and they should be able to ensure clear communication among the two very different departments. 

Additionally, HRIS experts should be highly analytical in nature and have a deep understanding of both IT and HR principles. Strong leadership and efficient training abilities also come into play when implementing a new software or improving processes. 

Our recruitment firm is the clear expert in recruitment for HRIS. When companies are in need of high-level HRIS talent to drive their efficiencies to the next level, our Search Solution Group is here to deliver.