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IT Recruitment

it recruiters information technology headerssg embelm transparent color background


it recruiters information technology headerssg embelm transparent color background

IT Headhunters

Expertise in IT Recruitment

Search Solution Group is the nation’s leading IT recruitment and executive search firm. Simply put, our expertly trained IT headhunters know the difference between Java and JavaScript and will be able to talk intelligently with you and the candidates to ensure the best possible fit for your company. Whether you are looking for a .NET developer, PHP programmer, or network administrator, at Search Solution Group our team of expertly trained IT headhunters will take the time to understand your business and needs, no matter how technical. As the tech industry continues to grow and expand it is vital for a company to continually seek out the most talented IT talent. Our philosophy on recruiting for IT roles is simple:

 Fully understand the company needs, requirements of the role, and languages / certifications that are must haves before we ever speak to a candidate

Many Recruitment and Executive Search Firms forgo this step and in turn supply the hiring manager with stacks of irrelevant resumes. Using Search Solution Group’s superior vetting methods, our recruitment specialists will only provide our clients with quality vetted candidates who have met the requirements given by the hiring manager. We understand there is a difference between a rails developer and a PHP programmer and will not waste our clients’ time asking what that difference is. In short, our headhunting skills are over 9000!

Meet Our IT Headhunters

IT Recruitment Experts

Search Solution Group specializes in headhunting candidates in the areas of:

  • .NET, Python, PHP, Ruby, Development

  • Network Administrators

  • Programming

  • Application Development

  • Android and IOS Developers

  • ERP Specialists ( SAP, Oracle, Java, IQMS, Syspro, Dynamics, Sage)

  • Help-desk and IT support

  • Fintech

“I was really tired of being presented with junior front end web developers when I was looking for an experienced back end PHP developer. The platform we were working on was laravel and I really couldn’t use any of the talent I was receiving. I went three years thinking that working with a search firm was a waste of time, until I met a Search Solution Group employee at a networking event. I gave them a shot and they haven’t let me down, great service and awesome talent”
Vincent D, $12B Manufacturing Company

More about IT Recruitment

Information Technology is an ever-changing industry that requires consistent ongoing education of business intelligence in order to drive the growing need for technical talent in today’s economy. Technical talent demands are continuously evolving, making it essential to locate top talent in order to stay ahead of the competition. Search Solution Group’s forward-thinking team of expert recruiters is embedded in the IT community, recognizing trends and anticipating future skill demands in order to find top level network security experts, software developers, and application analysts.

Search Solution Group has experience placing top IT talent across the country:

Chief Information Officer

$700M Restaurant Management Company

New York

Time to Hire : 65 days


Financial Services Company


Time to Hire : 45 days

Applications Developer

Lighting Equipment Manu.


Time to Hire : 33 days

IT helpdesk Manager

Restaurant Management Group

New York

Time to Hire : 25 days

Technology Lead


North Carolina

Time to Hire: 59 days

Manager of Information Tech

$100M Freight Management Company

North Carolina

Time to Hire: 44 days

Business Analyst

$60M Pharmaceutical / Biotech Company


Time to Hire: 47

Network Systems Administrator


North Carolina

Time to Hire: 37 days

Regional Solutions Project Manager

Lighting Equipment Manufacturer

Illinois / Texas

Time to Hire 60 days

Software Applications Architect


North Carolina

Time to Hire: 62 days

Lead Full Stack Developer

Application Development Start Up

North Carolina

Time to Hire: 52 days

IT Director



Time to Hire 56 days

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