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Why Companies are Turning to Search Firms

Companies Twice as Likely to Use Headhunters in 2017 There was a time when business leaders resorted to working with headhunters only for the seemingly impossible job searches. Today, companies are [...]

When to Fire an Employee: Top Signs the Time is Now

When to Fire an Employee Making the tough decision to let an employee go When to fire an employee is a question all managers ask themselves during their career. Managers across the board agree [...]

Save Time, How to Avoid Starting the Interview Process Over

Save Time, Never Start The Hiring Process Over Again! Time management can be the difference between great managers and those who struggle. The hiring process can be a great place to [...]

Hiring a Person VS a Resume

Hiring the Person Not the Resume The Importance of Soft Skills Going beyond a candidate's resume is crucial for finding the ideal candidate. While a resume can give a good baseline of information [...]

How to Tell the Candidate They Did Not Get the Job

Communication During & After the Interview Process Practicing clear communication is a paramount skill of a hiring manager. While delivering messages along the lines of “you didn’t get [...]

10 Reasons to Work Exclusively With A Search Firm

Why Having an Exclusive Relationship With A Recruiter Makes Sense While you don't’ necessarily have to be married to a recruitment firm for your hiring needs, it does help [...]

Discussing Politics at Work

The Other Office Politics This year has seen one of the most emotionally charged and polarizing elections in recent history, and without a doubt the tension has carried over into the workplace. While every [...]

How To Become a Human Lie Detector

Become a Lie Detector About one-third of resumes contain false information. Past employment and education are the two most common lies found on resumes. Most hiring managers know this, however, [...]

Ask Purposeful Questions

After years of interviewing candidates, hiring managers may sometimes find themselves in the habit of asking the same questions in every interview. Having a few standard questions can be a good thing but many hiring [...]

Why Would Elite Talent Work for Your Company?

How to Attract Elite Talent!   Our clients spend millions of dollars each year on branding their products or services. Only a fraction of this goes into the brand of being a great [...]