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SSG Knows: Financial Recruiting

SSG KNOWS: Finance Recruitment Finance recruitment is an area that Search Solution Group excels at. So what makes our finance and accounting headhunters so savvy? It’s all in the approach. Search Solution Group’s [...]

How To Become a Human Lie Detector

Become a Lie Detector About one-third of resumes contain false information. Past employment and education are the two most common lies found on resumes. Most hiring managers know this, however, 82 percent [...]

Selling The Candidate On Your Company

Selling The Candidate On Your Company Premier recruits, the type who can take your business to the next level, have their pick of job opportunities. So, how do you get them [...]

Why Companies are Turning to Search Firms

Companies Twice as Likely to Use Headhunters in 2017 There was a time when business leaders resorted to working with headhunters only for the seemingly impossible job searches. Today, companies are [...]

How To Motivate Your Team

3 Proven Strategies to Motivate Your Team Unless you have an entire team of self-starters, your management duties will include helping keep them motivated. We’ve identified several ways to inspire your [...]

Hiring a Person VS a Resume

Hiring the Person, not the Resume The importance of soft skills. Going beyond a candidate's resume is crucial for finding the ideal candidate. While a resume can give a good baseline of [...]

How to Fix The Broken Corporate Recruiting System

4 Ways to Fix The Broken Corporate Recruiting System America’s corporations - with a few exceptions - are going about recruiting all wrong. Simple tweaks aren’t going to fix it. Corporate recruiting [...]

How to Find the Right Talent to Boost Your Business

The True Value of Talent One of the most popular words in business these days is talent. Although the word is frequently mentioned, the valuing of talent is not often put into practice. [...]

SSG Knows Engineering

SSG KNOWS: ENGINEERING A Look Into Search Solution Group's Engineering Recruitment Expertise When a client has an engineering role to fill, they trust Search Solution Group to recruit the specific talent needed. [...]

When to Fire an Employee: Top Signs the Time is Now

When to Fire an Employee Making the tough decision to let an employee go When to fire an employee is a question all managers ask themselves during their career. Managers across the board agree [...]