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Although SSG has been delivering the highest quality talent across the nation since 2002, it has become time to make a home out west. Our team of expert recruiters had made a home in mountainous Bozeman, Montana. As the largest recruitment firm in Bozeman Montana, we look to bring the most advanced talent and placement in North America to this region.

In 2016 and 2017, Search Solution Group was recognized by Inc. Magazine, The American Business Journals, SmartCEO, and more- for enlargement and improvement. Starting in 2014, Search Solution Group has grown more than any other contending firm and is taking the nation by storm in the search industry. This location is set to provide local, Industry-specific, executive headhunting services and support to westward states. SSG specializes in filling upper and mid-level positions in the following areas: Sales, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Accounting, IT, Engineering, Comp and Benefits, Marketing, and Life Sciences fields.

Why Bozeman?

Bozeman is located in the heart of the high country and is surrounded by mountains. Just like the song, there is no mountain high enough for Search Solution Group! Bozeman is home to over 42,000 people and lots of high-tech, growing companies. This is important because SSG is able to vet out the best talent for technical positions and fill them.

When it comes to challenges, members of the business community most often reported that their biggest impediment to growth is “attracting talent and hiring skilled technology workers.” This will no longer be a challenge for the Bozeman area because our executive headhunting firm has come to the area!

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