Search Solution Group’s recruitment expertise has expanded to the West Coast in San Francisco, California. San Francisco is home to the world’s top technology and financial services organizations; it is also an extremely popular international tourist destination. These factors make the city a luring attraction to job-seekers in banking, tech, or hospitality. 

In 2018, Forbes ranked San Francisco, CA as #11 in the nation for job growth. Search Solution Group seized the opportunity of westward expansion and has developed a strong client base in the San Francisco area. As opposed to other San Francisco recruitment firms, our firm utilizes a headhunting approach mid to upper-level positions. While San Francisco executive search firms utilize headhunting methodologies, it is rare for recruitment firms to employ headhunting techniques for junior and manager-level positions. Our San Francisco recruiters are closely connected to the city’s talent market, giving us the ability to scan our professional networks for the ideal candidates for each role—whether or not those candidates are passive or active in their job search. 

Our headhunting approach has resulted in many successful partnerships with San Francisco’s top companies for a variety of roles. Once our San Francisco recruiters determine the exact needs of our clients, they tap into the entire talent market to reach the ideal candidate for each role. 

Search Solution Group’s expansion to the West Coast allows for companies nationwide to have access to our extensive professional network in the fields of IT, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, and more. 

Search Solution Group’s San Francisco industry experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Tech
  • Tourism
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing

Search Solution Group – San Francisco CA

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