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Christyn Nealey

Executive Recruiter

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Christyn is an Executive Recruiter in our Charlotte, NC office. Her keen eye for details, process development, and inclination toward building, maintaining and strengthening relationships make her a wonderful asset to our recruitment team. When recruiting candidates, Christyn succeeds by focusing on details while maintaining a clear and healthy view of the big picture and ultimate goals. She is approachable and relatable, which allows her to deeply connect with candidates and fully understand their strengths and career goals. Christyn enjoys taking the lead when collaborating with coworkers and ensuring clear understanding, organization, and progress toward the common goal.

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Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Why SSG?

“The culture at SSG is one that is able to promote both autonomy and collaboration – allowing individuals to bring their own personality to their role while maintaining structure throughout. In a market where culture can so easily get pushed aside, this was a huge attraction for me.

Favorite Thing About Headhunting: 

“Building relationships!”

Christyn’s Story

Christyn is a Charlotte native, born and raised. She comes from a very large entrepreneurial family and has been attending leadership conferences since she was in the womb! She is very passionate about building relationships, connecting with people, figuring out how they think and what motivates them. She is competitive with a splash of OCD and an above-average capacity for remembering details. She loves spending time with her family and, if the weather permits, her days are usually spent outside, preferably on the lake, reading a book. She is an old soul – she loves 80s music and British mysteries (to the extent that her first cat was named Watson, after Sherlock & Watson).

Fun Christyn Facts:

  • She is fluent in movie quotes
  • She has been attending leadership conferences since childhood
  • She loves DIY/rehab projects
  • She studies personalities and psychology for fun