Project Description

Dylan Minton

Operations Data Scientist

dylan minton operations headshot

There are many things that make Dylan, our Operations Data Scientist, such a valuable asset to Search Solution Group: his analytical mind, excel expertise, IT proficiency, and fast learning abilities are just a few. Dylan has a passion for learning and constantly expanding his expertise. His work ethic combined with his intuition make him an efficient problem-solver. Dylan loves collaborating and being able to read a situation, and what needs to happen for the team to succeed as a unit.

Fun Dylan Facts:

  • He is double jointed in every finger
  • He can hold his nose close without touching it
  • He is a Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatic


Hometown: Hickory, NC

School: BA in Economics, UNCC

Why SSG?

“Internship brought me here, the awesome people made me stay.

Favorite Thing About Headhunting: 

“I love helping people change their lives in difficult times.”

Dylan’s Story

Dylan was always passionate about learning. His parents supported his endeavor to succeed by driving him over 40 minutes from Alexander County to the Early College High School he attended. With this, he had his Associate’s degree at 17. Then going on to graduate from UNCC with a BA in Economics at 20. Learning, Education, and a strong Passion to grow is what drives everything Dylan does.

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