Project Description

Jay Gould

Executive Recruiter

jay gould executive recruiter headshot 400c

Jay is great at what he does because he listens twice as much as he speaks.

Fun Jay Facts:

  • Jay surfed…or attempted to…off Straddie
  • He is an avid pickleballer – dinking ain’t easy!
  • My 3 children run my life and I love it!


Hometown: Lake Wylie, SC

School: University of Wisconsin – Parkside

Why SSG?

“My kids were driving me crazy at home and I needed to get away!”

Favorite Thing About Headhunting: 

 The daily interaction with the world’s greatest resource, PEOPLE.

Jay’s Story

Jay was born a Navy brat who soon was “forced” to endure all things FL, including constant theme parks and the beach.  Apparently, cheese and permafrost were more appealing to his parents so Wisconsin is where he would spend his formative years as well as for college.  Jay went on to play a little bit of soccer and then began a career in IT recruiting.  He ended the single life,  started a family, did NOT purchase a minivan, and moved to South Carolina after the winters became unbearable.

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