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Jessica La

Executive Recruiter

jessica la executive recruiter headshot

Jessica La is an Executive Recruiter in our Charlotte office. Her steadfast and detail-oriented work ethic make her an incredibly successful asset to our recruitment team. She is also outgoing and will always go out of her way to lend a helping hand, which allows her to easily earn the trust and build great relationships with candidates. Before entering the world of recruitment, she worked as a corporate trainer and the Assitant General Manager of multiple bars and restaurants. Having been on both sides of the figurative screen, she knows that it takes many moving parts for a successful team to grow—and that no task is too small. She thrives in interactive and collaborative work environments and is an active team player.

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Hometown: Charlotte, NC

School: UNC Charlotte

Why SSG?

“I have always wanted a professional role that allowed me to continuously build relationships with people. Whether it be face to face interactions or over the phone, I knew that the recruitment industry would be a good fit. When it came down to the wire, SSG was the clear choice in where I wanted to grow professionally. It’s diverse in many ways – from backgrounds and personalities to ethnicities. However, everyone finds common ground in one purpose – and that’s our love for recruiting and what we do.

Favorite Thing About Headhunting: 

“Everything counts when helping others – whether the good deed is big or small. I love it when I get to call candidates to congratulate them when they are chosen for the position that they interviewed for. It’s when you realize that all of your hard work has paid off. Food for the table and the soul.”

Jessica’s Story

Jessica was born in Chicago, IL but has moved around quite a bit. After landing in Charlotte, NC just in time for high school, she put down roots and has been a Charlottean ever since. She finds the most joy when she’s with her friends and family. Luckily, all of her immediate family members live within 25 minutes of her so spending time with them is never the issue. The majority of her professional career has been spent within retail and the food and beverage industry – but she found her calling when she was introduced to the world of staffing. This position not only allows her to build professional relationships, but it gives her the work-life balance she needs to nurture her personal relationships as well. She can’t wait to continue this journey and see where she ends up – especially when she has an incredible and supportive team here at SSG.

Fun Tanner Facts:

  • She has backpacked through Japan and Hong Kong September ‘17 and has another upcoming backpacking trip to Thailand and Vietnam this September ‘19.
  • She has a knack for anything creative – whether it be music in which she grew up singing, or anything artistic.
  • All of the members in her family that have names that begin with the letter “J”, were born in months that begin with the letter “J” as well. For example, her sister Julie was born in January, Jeni was born in June, and she was born in July.