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Josh Mangum

Sr. Director of Corporate Strategy

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Josh Mangum is the Sr. Director of Corporate Strategy at Search Solution Group and works in our Charlotte headquarters. Josh is responsible for leading efforts to drive increased business by developing short and long term business strategies and executing marketing programs in alignment with the organization’s outcome-based sales approach. Josh collaborates with the senior leadership team to strategically position Search Solution Group and its divisions by conducting industry research, analyzing current trends, and evaluating company service offerings. Josh ensures the company adopts new technologies, develops efficient processes and organizational structures, and implements forward-thinking strategies that give Search Solution Group a competitive market advantage.  

Over the course of his career, Josh has worked for some of the largest media companies in the world, been a part of hypergrowth companies, and consulted with a wide range of companies and business models during his time managing a digital marketing agency. Josh’s wide range of experience makes him an outstanding resource for our business strategy.

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Hometown: Weddington, NC

School: Wingate University – B.S. Marketing | B.S. Accounting | Minor Psychology

Florida Institute of Technology – M.S. Internet Marketing

Why SSG?

“I was introduced to Search Solution Group in a business meeting and I was so impressed with the company and the way that the staff talked about the company I knew I had to be part of it. After several months of convincing, the team was kind enough to welcome me aboard!”

Favorite Thing About Headhunting: 

This industry can be tough but also very rewarding. Incorporating advanced marketing strategies into such a foundationally traditional industry is fun and exciting.

Interestingly, Josh holds degrees in multiple fields including marketing, accounting, and psychology. The intersections of his fields of expertise are truly valuable—specifically psychology and marketing. Josh’s ability to understand the psychology of clients and consumers, as well as the ability to interpret data and numbers, helps develop winning strategies for Search Solution Group. Josh has a fascination with data and analytics and the science and numbers behind marketing. Josh has been heavily engaged in search marketing since 2009 and has since developed a forte in inbound marketing.

Josh was introduced to Search Solution Group when he was brought in for a web marketing consultation while leading a digital marketing agency. After seeing the office and feeling the bright, positive energy of the office and staff, Josh asked Jeremy Gnozzo to be considered if the company ever needed a marketing leader. Just a few months later, Jeremy made the decision to launch a full-fledged internal marketing department, selected Josh as the leader, and the rest is history.


Josh’s Story

Josh didn’t stay put very long growing up but he landed in Charlotte in 2000 and has stayed put ever since. Josh, like his two brothers Joe and John Mangum, was heavily involved in sports growing up which led to him to play Baseball at Wingate University. An injury cut Josh’s career short and it has been all business ever since. When he isn’t working late, Josh enjoys watching peculiar movies, reading, and spending time with his son Michael.

Fun Josh Facts:

  • Josh has been nicknamed the “AC Unit” at SSG since he is seemingly always working
  • Josh played a variety of sports including wrestling, boxing, and college baseball
  • Josh’s Hobbies include sci-fi movies, piano, managing the Charlotte Local Guides program, and making dad jokes