Project Description

Krissy Fox

Recruiting Leader

Krissy is a Recruiting Leader at Search Solution Group in our Charlotte office. She is an outspoken leader who leads by example—she coaches and develops a team of recruiters while also managing a full recruiting desk herself. Krissy is a positive and dedicated recruiting leader who comes to work every day with a smile on her face. Candidates love working with Krissy because she is truly passionate about learning about them and helping them find jobs that they love. She is a subject matter expert in the fields of Marketing, Product Development/Management, Sales, Retail Management, and Quality Assurance, making Krissy Fox one of the most well-rounded recruiters at Search Solution Group. We truly are lucky to have Krissy on our team!

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Hometown: Longmeadow, Massachusetts

School: Winthrop University – B.A. Journalism

Why SSG?

Krissy’s favorite drink is champagne. Fancy people like fancy drinks. Fancy people also have fancy friends. Krissy reached out to her fancy friend, Ashley Goldberg and said “Ashley, SSG looks cool – hook me up?” Ashley did just that.

Favorite Thing About Headhunting: 

“I love interacting with all types of people! I’ve always been really outgoing and genuine, and I think clients see this in myself. I love the fast-pace, sometime hectic environment of recruiting/sales. It keeps me on my toes and there is NEVER a dull day at the office!”

Krissy’s Story

Krissy Fox was born and raised in Western Massachusetts before making the move to the Carolinas to attend Winthrop University. After graduating with a degree in Journalism, Krissy worked at a customer acquisition marketing company before coming to work at SSG. She loves meeting new people and is very excited to help professionals find their next career opportunity.

Krissy loves spending time with friends, cooking and all variations of trivia games. Connect with Krissy to review your career options and find out about new opportunities.

Fun Krissy Facts:

  • Krissy would prefer to watch The Real Housewives or The $100,000 Pyramid than watch sports
  • She also aspires to appear on a game show by the year 2020
  • Being from Massachusetts, Krissy attempted to play basketball but broke her nose when the basketball came down on her face. After that, she stuck to cheerleading (a pom-pom was less dangerous).
  • In 2005, Krissy had the highest average in algebra 2 in her school! (She has the trophy to prove it)