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Sarah Reichardt

Talent Acquisition Manager

sarah reichardt executive recruiter 400c

Sarah is the Talent Acquisition Manager at Search Solution Group in Charlotte, NC. As Talent Acquisition Manager, she is tasked with the responsibility of handling all internal recruitment and finding the most qualified professionals to join our team. Sarah has an untouchable work ethic and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She thoroughly enjoys being in a fast-paced environment and doesn’t quit until the job is done. Plus, she gets to build relationships with all types of people every single day.

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Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, MI

School: Hope College – Bachelor’s, Broadcast Journalism

Why SSG?

“Because they are the best in the industry and they have a strong presence in the area. Everyone in the office is successful, motivated, and extremely helpful. It’s an amazing team environment and when you walk into the room, you can feel the energy.”

Favorite Thing About Headhunting: 

There is never a dull moment and you are always learning! Something always needs to be done and you are constantly networking with people from all types of backgrounds and industries.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah was born in Michigan and moved to Charlotte a year after graduating from Hope College. She first got into recruiting when her new neighbor told her to go to a networking event… when she was introduced to headhunting, she fell in love with the process. Sarah gets to talk to people all day, learn their background, talk to clients and cure their hiring pains by finding that perfect puzzle piece for their company. Outside of work, you can find her being active outside, traveling, practicing hot yoga, trying out new restaurants, and going on adventures! She enjoys socializing and getting involved with events in the area.

Fun Sarah Facts:

  • Sarah did a solo Euro trip for 2.5 months
  • In 8th grade, she won Miss Congeniality in her age group in the only pageant she was ever in
  • She collects wine corks! Any time she shares a bottle with someone or has wine at an event, she keeps the cork, dates it, says who she had it with and writes if there was a certain occasion