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The field of treasury currently has an incredibly tight labor market. Unless a company regularly recruits treasury professionals, working with a recruitment firm that specializes in treasury is imperative. The job title is incredibly broad, yet the field itself is a tight-knit community—attracting and recruiting top talent requires a treasury recruiter’s ability to navigate the market.

Recruiting Treasury Professionals:

At Search Solution Group, our accounting recruitment team understands the current state of the treasury recruitment market. When our firm is trusted to complete a search for any role, our first priority is fully understanding the company and its specific needs. This priority is especially emphasized in the early stages of a treasury search. Our accounting recruitment team fully assesses our client’s business model to understand the exact needs for the treasury role at hand. Because treasurers work at such a high level, candidates must be headhunted from the same industry so they have a deep knowledge of that specific industry’s tax laws, regulations, investment opportunities, and more.

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Additionally, the role varies greatly from company to company. If an organization needs someone to manage a team of treasury analysts, candidates must be trained in people management and leadership skills. Other companies may need the most experienced and knowledgable candidate in the market to advise the board and CFO of wise financial decisions. Once our firm creates a profile of the ideal candidate for our client’s role, we initiate national headhunting methods to locate the most qualified professionals for the job.


Our firm’s accounting recruitment team is closely connected with treasury’s top talent and knows what it takes to grab their attention. Once determining the desired hard and soft skills of the role, the accounting recruiters at Search Solution Group tap into their extensive network of treasury talent to scan the market and get referrals for ideal candidates.


Search Solution Group’s accounting recruitment team excel in effectively pitching our client’s value to candidates. In the tight labor market, headhunting for treasury positions is an art. The nation’s best candidates are not actively seeking new roles and can be hesitant in learning about new opportunities—this is where an experienced treasury recruiter’s knowledge proves to be indispensable. A recruiter who is highly knowledgeable about treasury professionals knows how to engage them and what they are looking for in new opportunities.

What Makes Treasury Professionals Successful?

Though each client has a different set of criteria, there are a few commonalities among top treasury professionals that our recruiters have learned to look for in candidates. On top of an impressive career involved in finance within a certain industry, a quality that sets the best treasurers apart is integrity. Integrity is the most important characteristic that our firm’s recruiters look for when developing a shortlist or providing input for a final hiring decision. A role as Group Treasurer, Treasury Analyst, or Director of Treasury is highly based on analytics and judgment, which requires a large amount of trust from the employer. Whomever the treasury professional reports to should have faith in the treasurer’s integrity and ability to steer the company’s finances in the right direction.

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Our firm’s recruiters also look for impeccable risk management experience when interviewing candidates for a treasury position. Candidates must be able to demonstrate their experience analyzing data, calculating risks, and making judgment calls on behalf of a financial department. This is a necessary skill because companies trust treasurers, or the treasury team, with the future of the organization’s finances.