Recruiting top outside sales professionals is a difficult task for companies to take on alone. This is because the highest quality outside sales professionals are more than likely happily employed and hard at work earning their employers revenue. Most often, the best outside sales representatives are happy and successful in their current position and are well compensated through a base salary + commission compensation structure. The ideal outside sales prospects are simply not active in seeking new opportunities and are also typically hesitant to make a change unless the opportunity is extremely luring. 

Grabbing the attention of a successful, busy outside sales representative requires a true headhunting approach. At Search Solution Group, we have a team of outside sales recruiters who specialize in sales recruitment and have experience connecting companies with outside sales representatives specializing in a variety of industries. Our firm has developed a proven methodology that results in locating the ideal outside sales talent based on our clients’ specific needs.

Recruiting Outside Sales Talent:

In order to find the best outside sales representatives for our clients, we get to know the company inside and out. Our firm emphasizes collaboration and seeks to deeply understand the company’s industry and what they are selling. Part of this collaborative process includes nailing down the specific details of the role by asking a variation of the following questions: Is it a manager position? How large is the outside sales team? Has the team been underperforming?

Fully understanding our clients’ specific needs allows us to locate outside sales representatives or managers who can help the team exceed goals. Once the unique scope of the role has been determined, it is time to initiate the search process. 

The outside sales recruiters at Search Solution Group focus the vast majority of their time on sales roles. Therefore, they are closely connected with the top outside sales professionals in the entire, nationwide talent market. They utilize specialized headhunting techniques to locate top outside sales professionals and match companies with the ideal talent for their sales teams. 

Asking the right questions is a critical element to recruiting outside sales representatives. The best outside sales recruiters know to ask candidates specifically about previous numbers and success rates; it is also imperative to meet the candidates in-person or through a video interview because of the superb face-to-face communication skills required of an outside sales representative.

What Makes Outside Sales Professionals Successful?

Great outside sales professionals possess an incredibly unique combination of qualities. They must have a deep understanding of what they are selling and be prepared to eloquently answer any questions from potential clients, all while using the best communication skills and psychological techniques to intrigue potential clients. In addition, outside sales representatives must be independent, self-motivated, and organized in order to optimize their time on the road and be successful. 

This job requires a top-notch demeanor, sharp appearance, and an extraordinary sense of ownership and accountability. Whether companies are in need of an individual outside sales representative, an addition to their successful team, or a strong manager to lead the way—they will find the best talent with Search Solution Group.