Hiring for a role in territory sales can be a challenging and time-consuming undertaking—putting an under-qualified salesperson in that position can result in an entire region falling behind in revenue. When the success or failure of an entire territory is solely in the hands of one sales representative, it’s imperative that the representative be a seasoned professional with years of experience and a proven track record of success.

Recruiting Territory Sales Talent

When partnering with companies to fill territory sales roles, our firm first develops a full understanding of the requirements of the role and desired skills—what product/service they will be selling, whether they will work independently or on a team of salespeople dedicated to a region. After nailing down the specifics of the role, our expertly-trained sales recruiters tap into their network of top talent to match companies with the right territory salesperson based on their needs.

Territory sales professionals need a high level of experience, proven ability to close sales, and the availability to travel extensively. The sales representatives are the face of their company in their territory, and having someone who is unresponsive or unprofessional can result in a stark loss of business. The sales recruiters at Search Solution Group know how to look past a resume and determine whether a candidate’s soft skills make them appropriate for a territory sales position—we’ve placed hundreds of territory sales professionals who know how to maximize their time in front of potential clients and close sales.   

What Makes Territory Sales Professionals Successful?

A territory sales role requires the ability to build and maintain relationships with businesses and individuals. It’s vital that our team provides clients with territory sales professionals who take pride and ownership of their designated region and have a competitive motivation to bring in business.

Success in a territory sales role requires time management skills and being able to communicate with clients, even while traveling. Finding the right candidate to perform this job requires ample time and a thorough vetting process. That’s why businesses turn to Search Solution Group—our firm has the skill set and knowledge to find the ideal candidate who will be effective on day one.