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Recruiting for inside sales positions is something our recruitment firm excels at. Understanding the holistic structure of the sales department in an organization is the first and most commonly overlooked step in the recruitment process. Finding the perfect inside sales representative to join our client’s organization requires an in-depth understanding of our client’s business model, target customers, and the sales process.

On an inside sales team, there are considerable differences in the scope of responsibility and skillset needed when determining the target for the search. Identifying the appropriate personality traits, coachability, and level of assertiveness required for the role is essential in qualifying a candidate. Our trained sales recruiters will pinpoint and seduce the desired talent that will prove an immediate upgrade to your organization.

Inbound Inside Sales

When working with our clients to recruit inbound inside sales professionals we understand the importance of finding talent who has experience taking calls, working with a CRM, and guiding a potential customer through service offerings. Customer service and phone etiquette are a must for inbound inside sales professionals and we will find candidates who have experience working in similar environments and companies.

Outbound Inside Sales

Outbound inside sales professionals must be motivated self-starters that know how to prospect and drive new business for their company. Many SaaS and service companies rely on outbound inside sales teams to find customers and increase new revenue for the company. Because these professionals are able to perform their job entirely over the phone.

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“I have worked hand in hand with the team at Search Solution Group to assist us with numerous services including permanent and temporary placements. The team has successfully filled our high level outside sales position which is one of our most difficult positions to fill and we needed their expertise to help us find the right candidate that my internal Talent Acquisition team was unable to find using standard recruiting practices.”

Bryan Rueger, Director of Talent Acquisition and Development
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Inside Sales Roles We Recruit For

The process of focusing on individual buyers and their personal needs, points of pain, frustrations, and goals. As an Inbound salesperson, it’s essential to prioritize the buyer’s needs before your own

Prospecting, making cold calls, and building sales funnels are the key to outbound inside sales professionals’ success. Reps may also call leads that have previously demonstrated demand for a product by engaging with a brand’s content, filling out a form, emailing a business or making a previous call to a business. It is important to find outbound inside sales reps with experience using a CRM platform such as Salesforce, Sugar, Zoho, or others.

Manages a team of sales representatives who meet sales targets through prospecting, telemarketing, and web-based sales strategies. Inside sales managers must be able to forecast, train, report, and coach a team of inside sales professionals ranging from teams of 3 to teams of 100 depending on our client’s needs.

An inside sales director has the skills and experience to not only execute but to also identify issues and course correct. They take the overall goals and rough plan delivered by the executive team and drive results. Inside sales directors must be comfortable with long-term strategic planning and analyzing reports to identify opportunities for improvement. An inside sales director must work with the marketing department, operations department, and other sales directors to shape the overall inside sales strategy to best position the company against competition and market forces.

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