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recruitment for sales coaches

Sales Coaches

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Sales Coaching Recruitment Firm


When companies are looking to hire a sales coach or sales trainer, our firm first looks for natural mentors and teachers who have impressive experience within sales. Many companies may bring in the most successful salesperson to be a sales coach, but this isn’t always the right decision—many can be great salespeople, but few have the aptitude for teaching and mentoring that is required to be an effective coach or trainer.

Our team of sales recruiters is prescriptive in helping clients define the role—this allows us to find the best sales coach that meets the needs of the team and has a proven track record within the industry. Some companies need a coach who will work hands-on to improve the performance of sales reps, while others may need a sales coach to consult on organizational structures and develop new approaches. Many sales teams haven’t yet adapted to the advent of CRMs, marketing automation, social selling, and other modern techniques, and need a sales coach or trainer to develop a plan for maximizing time and efficiency.

Many companies that partner with our firm have never hired a sales coach and trust our headhunters’ abilities to vet for industry-specific sales coaches who have experience in the roles they will be mentoring. Our firm has matched companies with hundreds of sales coaches who are “students of the game” and possess the ability to coach a variety of styles and personalities while effectively breaking down processes and articulating techniques.

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Sales Coaching Roles We Recruit For

Sales Coaches are responsible for planning and developing sales strategies and acting as a coach and mentor for sales representatives. They may ride along with the representatives to support and provide feedback on techniques.

A Sales Development Coach focuses on developing an efficient and successful sales team through development and updating of techniques and initiatives. They stay up-to-date on the latest technology or advancements to ensure productivity among the sales team.

Sales Trainers are responsible for designing, delivering, and evaluating the effectiveness of sales training initiatives. They should be familiar with a broad range of training techniques including classroom training, online training, and one-on-one coaching.

“My recruiter exemplified Search Solution Group’s exceptional candidate experience.  Their relationship with this dynamic firm begins in the first few minutes with the introductory phone call.  They were engaging, considerate and genuine. My recruiter understood the client’s needs, expectations, culture, and history.”

Deb Myers, Director of Total Rewards - EZCORP
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