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Having an experienced, driven professional in a sales management position can initiate significant revenue increase for a company. For upper-level roles with a large impact on the organization, it is imperative that the recruiting process be efficient and result in an ideal hire.

Before initiating the search, our firm consults with the company to determine the scope of the role. We seek to understand many factors that guide our search—will the new hire be leading an existing team or redeveloping a team with new processes? Does the ideal candidate have experience with a specific CRM system like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, sugarCRM, Zoho, or others?

Along with the desired capabilities, our sales recruiters look at hard and soft skills, personality type, previous leadership experience, and references to determine whether a candidate is an ideal match for our client. The sales recruiters at Search Solution Group possess the network and experience necessary to fill such impactful roles, resulting in a more efficient search and candidates that meet the desired skills and qualities. Whether an organization is seeking a sales management professional to create processes, develop new channels, contribute to long-term strategy, or be a coach for the sales representative—our recruiters commit to the needs of the role to find a candidate who will exceed expectations. Our firm has placed roles such as VP of Sales, Sales Manager, and Director of Sales and takes pride in our network consisting of some of the top sales professionals in the country.

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Sales Management Roles We Recruit For

The Director of Sales should have the ability to work closely with executives and take strategic direction from company leadership. Although the desired qualifications vary depending on the organization, candidates for Director of Sales should have experience leading sales initiatives, reporting progress of the sales division, and working closely with other company leaders.

Managers of Inside Sales have the responsibility of leading and managing the Inside Sales team. Candidates for this role should have the ability to give direction and provide feedback to the Inside Sales representatives.

The Outside Sales Manager is the direct leader of the Outside Sales team. Professionals considered for this role should have experience working on an outside sales team, as well as proven leadership abilities.

Territory Sales Managers lead and manage the Territory Sales team. They oversee the initiatives and progress of territory sales representatives and provide consistent direction and feedback.

“Search Solution Group was wonderful to work with – they were super responsive and sent a really strong volume of candidates over at a much higher quality than any automated software we tried to use. We’d love to work together again in the future!”

Tasia Potasinski, NYLAS
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