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Recruiting for technical sales roles requires an understanding of the product or service offered and the company’s goals in order to match the company with the ideal professional for the role. Technical sales professionals sell a product or service with extremely complex functions, so they need a deep understanding of how the product works, along with the inner-workings of the industry and any competitors. When seeking candidates for technical sales roles, our firm looks for professionals within the industry of the product or service who have the business aptitude to sell and hunt for new business. Along with the industry-specific knowledge, these professionals should possess the communication skills and dedication to pursue long sales cycles that require many meetings before coming to a close.

Each technical sales role differs among industries and individual companies—our technical sales recruiters have experience seeking out those who know the product or service best, and placing those professionals in the right role. Sales recruitment is a core competency of our firm and investing in our expertise results in companies not having to put their internal operations on hold while hiring new salespeople. Our headhunters’ network of sales professionals ranges in experience and specialties, so they are guaranteed to have a candidate that’s ideal for any technical sales role.

Inside Sales Roles We Recruit For

Sales engineers are responsible for translating and explaining the functions of a product or service to potential clients, while focusing on how the product could benefit them. They often deliver presentations internally and externally to to sell the product or service and ensure the organization’s selling point is relevant. They are constantly analyzing client needs and researching competition to improve the organization’s sales initiatives.

Technical sales representatives are responsible for building and maintaining customer relationships around the organization’s product or service. They should have extensive knowledge of the product and the organization’s industry and experience, making planned outbound communications to accounts and prospective customers.

An analytical instrument salesperson is an expert in the product they are selling and define and drive sales strategies based on the industry and prospective clients. They should have relationships with leaders of the industry their product serves. Years of experience working within the industry and production of the product is typically preferred.

Software sales professionals need extensive knowledge of the software and excellent communication skills to provide custom solutions based on the needs of the potential client. These sales require extensive communication to come to an understanding and agreement on how the software solutions can benefit the client.

“I have worked hand in hand with the team at Search Solution Group to assist us with numerous services including permanent and temporary placements. The team has successfully filled our high level outside sales position which is one of our most difficult positions to fill and we needed their expertise to help us find the right candidate that my internal Talent Acquisition team was unable to find using standard recruiting practices.”

Bryan Rueger, Director of Talent Acquisition and Development
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