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When it comes to legal recruitment, hiring the right legal talent is vital to the firm’s success!

Hiring the right lawyer or legal assistant to join your firm is a difficult and strenuous task. The long interview process is meant to eliminate potential candidates that may be a fit on paper but ultimately the wrong fit for your needs.

Search Solution Group’s team of legal recruitment experts understands that principals and managing partners are limited on time. Efficiently and effectively vetting potential candidates for an open position results in more time for the law firm to spend on producing revenue for the firm. Additionally, any personnel brought on board should have proven success managing cases from large corporate clients to civilians, and bring a positive, hard-working attitude to the firm. 

As a recruitment firm specializing in law and legal recruitment, it is important to also understand what attracts candidates to a specific firm. Areas of Practice, Compensation, Firm Reputation, Diversity and Complexity of Work, and Partnership Track Potential are five of the most common factors a candidate will weigh when determining whether or not to accept an offer. This intimate understanding of the legal industry ensures the Search Solution Group legal headhunting experts perform with the highest level of attention to detail and care from day one.

Top Three Areas of Legal Recruitment

Lawyers and Paralegals

Our team of recruiters understands that a large part of the population within a law firm are the lawyers themselves. They work diligently to represent their clients to the best of their ability in legal proceedings, as well as keep their clients informed of their responsibilities and rights as a citizen. Supporting the lawyer is the paralegal. Our legal experts understand the importance of attracting candidates who know how to be a representative and advisor for businesses and individuals on legal issues and matters. It is their job to know the law and be able to research current laws, rules, and regulations in order to support their client’s case.

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Operations and Management

Operations Manager (also called Legal Administrators) are tasked with managing the firm as a whole. They should always look for ways to improve business, reduce costs, increase employee efficiency, and continually meet the ever-changing demands of the clients while maintaining the highest quality service possible. This position generally oversees day-to-day work of bookkeepers/accounting, support staff, hiring, scheduling, and office maintenance. At times, the right candidate may need to bring experience with preparation of financial plans or business strategies depending on the size of the firm. In larger firms, specialized positions may be necessary, including Financial Managers, Administrative Services Managers, and Human Resources Managers.

Administrative and Support

Taking on administrative and clerical functions to support the legal staff, administrative and secretarial personnel spend their days typing correspondence, answering phones and organizing, filing and indexing legal materials and documents pertaining to the firm’s cases. Proofreading experience and extreme attention to detail are required to keep a case running smoothly, and a lawyer’s schedule immaculate.

Why work with SSG?

Simply put, we know legal recruitment. We understand that a Manager Partner’s time is valuable and being trusted as an external partner to give you more time is an honor. Our team will never inundate a client with resumes for candidates that do not fit the needs of the firm.

SSG’s team of legal headhunters has been trusted to place candidates in the following positions for law firms across the country.

  • Firm Partners
  • Associates
  • Contract Lawyers
  • Law Clerks
  • Paralegal
  • Legal Assistant
  • Bookkeepers
  • Investigators
  • Administrative Personnel
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