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Our firm takes a comprehensive approach when it comes to product marketing recruitment. As Krissy Fox, Marketing Recruiting Leader noted in the video below, the background that a candidate comes from can be a huge factor when recruiting for product marketers as it ensures that the candidate possesses the expertise a company is looking for. These are skills and knowledge that can only be developed and honed by working with both the sales team and the customer base the industry is targeting. An individual with cross-functional skills has a superior ability to work with all applicable members of the team including engineers, operations, sales staff and more.

With 16 years of experience, our recruitment firm has built an extensive network of qualified marketing candidates. This allows our firm to fill product marketing positions quickly, easily and effectively. Because marketing as a whole undergoes such frequent change, it can be challenging for a company’s human resources department to properly vet candidates for a job. The fact is that most HR departments have a heavier focus on matters such as ensuring that the company is compliant, that employee benefits are updated and navigating employee relations. In most cases, there is also the pressure of filling the vacancy with a qualified candidate as quickly as possible because the void is likely being felt within the organization. Search Solution Group takes a consultative approach with our clients so that we understand our client’s culture and expectations while utilizing our network of talent and proven methodology to locate the ideal product marketing candidate for their team. Costly mistakes at the hiring stage — both monetarily and otherwise — can bog down processes and the progress of the company.

As the above video highlighted, Search Solution Group maintains an extensive network of connections in the marketing field, who are available to take our call the moment we are contacted about an open position. This boots-on-the-ground strategy is how Search Solution Group is able to tap into a promising talent pool tailored to the client’s objectives.

The recruiters at Search Solution Group maintain many of the same skills in product marketing that companies require. This enables them to effectively parse a client’s business model as well as determine if a potential candidate’s skill set is appropriate for the position. This strategy reduces the time and resources that clients devote to talent that simply isn’t a good fit.

Search Solution Group is an award-winning recruitment firm with a national presence. Contact us today and discover the difference an elite headhunting firm can make to your company.

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