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Search Soltuion Group

Employee Background Check Services

Search Solution Group (Verify) is a background check provider offering comprehensive and customized pre-employment screenings to businesses and individuals. We’re committed to providing accurate, timely, and affordable background checks to our clients. We leverage a variety of sources to obtain background information, including public records, court records, and social media.

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SSG Verify is licensed and insured in all 50 states and FCRA compliant. Our secure online platform allows clients to efficiently order background checks and drug screenings 24/7/365 as needed. 

Why are background checks important when hiring an employee?

SSG (Verify) background check services offer employers comprehensive background reviews of potential new hires. By utilizing these services, employers can quickly and easily confirm an individual’s credentials and history to make a more informed hiring decision. Here are five reasons why using a background check service when hiring is essential:

Reduce Corporate Liability:

Background checks allow employers to verify the accuracy of information provided by job applicants. Background checks help reduce the risk of negligent hiring, which can result in costly corporate liability claims if inaccurate or incomplete information is being used during the hiring process.

Improve Security:

A thorough background check reduces the chance that an employee with a criminal record slips through the cracks. It also helps prevent individuals from entering sensitive positions with access to confidential information.

Uncover False Credentials:

Background checks can help employers uncover false educational credentials or experience levels that some applicants may exaggerate to appear more attractive candidates for the job.

Identify Bad Hiring Decisions:

In addition to preventing bad hires, background checks also enable a company to identify any mistakes it has made in previous hiring decisions and take steps to ensure that such errors do not occur in future recruitment efforts.

Ensure Compliance with Laws & Regulations:

Many industries are required by law or regulation to conduct specific background checks on prospective employees before being hired for a given position. Utilizing a background check service helps employers stay compliant