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Expertise in Fintech Recruitment

At Search Solution Group, we strive to provide our clients and candidates with the ability to reach far beyond their goals, by matching the best talent with the leading companies in the Fintech industry.

Fintech is a fast moving and explosively growing niche within the space between tech and finance. The surge of demand across all positions in this area from entry level to C-level has made professionals who have experience working in the financial tech sector extremely valuable to companies who operate in this space.

Most headhunting firms are not aware that there are many types of companies who need Fintech talent outside of the large banks. Companies such as Payment Processors and Developers, Trading Organizations, Consultancies, Fintech and Bitcoin Startups, as well as Financial Software companies are all competing to find the best Fintech talent, which can make it difficult for companies to recruit internally for Fintech positions. Fintech recruitment requires a headhunting firm with experience as well as a willingness to learn about your business’ unique needs. Our elite team of recruiters will take the time to fully understand the role before we conduct a search for the Fintech professional your business needs.

Meet Our Fintech Headhunters

Our approach to Fintech recruitment is simple. We ask the client what they want and find the ideal candidate for the job. We understand that emerging areas like Fintech will have new roles, job titles, certifications and requirements every day, and so it is vital that we establish great relationships with our clients and develop a thorough understanding of the needs of each particular position.

Our team of dedicated Fintech headhunters understands the ins and outs of the fast paced and exciting Fintech arena. Our recruiters know that a developer with experience building PCI compliant applications is much different from developers who have not worked in the payment processing world. We understand that Fintech is quickly becoming its own industry, with traditional roles like marketing, legal, and executive leadership that all require experience working within the Fintech field.

Fintech Roles We Recruit For

C#, C, C++ Programmers

Python Developers

.Net Developers

Web Developers

Android & IOS Developers

Angular Big Data Developers

Java Developers


Chief Financial Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Data Officer

Senior Software Engineer

Angular Big Data Manager

Director of Market Development

Risk Managmeent

Fintech Programmer

Software Engineering Manager

Senior Solutions Architect

Lead Programmer Analyst

Android Senior Software Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer

Scala Architect

Technical Program Manager

Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Software Architect

Engineering Lead

Machine Learning

Principal Software Engineer

Backend Platform Engineer

VP, Engineering & Wealth Management

Mobile Software Engineer

Traditional Job Functions for Fintech Companies

Mid Level to C-Level Sales Roles

Mid Level to C-Level Marketing Roles

Wide Range of Accounting Positions

Product Management Positions

Operations and Administrative Roles

“Even for those who are new to the industry there are a lot of moving parts and roles are constantly evolving. Our account rep was able to understand our needs but also wasn’t afraid to ask for explanation when needed. We were able to fill a particularly difficult role quickly and I would highly recommend Search Solution Group to recruit for fintech roles”
Joshua R, Tech Startup

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