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The SSG Referral Bonus Program Terms of Use



Welcome to the SSG Referral Bonus Program. This program is designed to reward individuals for connecting us with top-tier talent and businesses seeking exceptional staffing solutions. By participating, you have the opportunity to create success stories by leveraging your network and enhancing professional relationships.



  1. Participants must submit referrals through the SSG specialized referral portal/form.
  2. Referrals must be employers or hiring managers actively recruiting, or business owners seeking talent.



  1. A referral is considered ‘active’ once the referred employer signs a job order with SSG.
  2. Participants will be notified when their referral reaches ‘active’ status.



  1. Participants whose referrals lead to a successful hire, surpassing the designated replacement guarantee period, will be entitled to a $500 referral bonus.
  2. Alternatively, participants may direct a $500 credit to the company they represent in lieu of a personal bonus.
  3. Participants receiving a monetary reward will be required to complete a 1099 form for tax reporting purposes as required by law.


Referral Success:

  1. A successful referral is one that results in a hire, not just an interview or a meeting.
  2. The reward is issued only after the hired candidate completes the replacement guarantee period successfully without termination or resignation.


Professional Conduct:

  1. All referrals will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.
  2. Referred contacts can expect to receive the highest quality of service from SSG.




  1. Self-referrals are not eligible for rewards.
  2. Referred candidates or employers who are already in SSG’s database or who have been in contact with SSG within a specified period prior to the referral may not qualify as a new contact.
  3. SSG employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.



Participants agree to receive communications from SSG and must provide accurate contact information for follow-up.



All personal information submitted in the referral process will be handled in accordance with SSG’s privacy policy.


Amendment and Termination:

SSG reserves the right to change, amend, or terminate the referral program at any time without notice.


By submitting a referral, participants agree to these terms and conditions. All participants are encouraged to contact SSG directly for any questions or further clarification.