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Chemical Engineer Recruitment

Chemical engineers are not easy to find or place. With Search Solution Group, our engineering recruitment team helps search, vet, and hire top-performing chemical engineers for you.

A Superior Hiring Process

Our Expert Recruitment Process for HR Professionals

SSG Knows Chemical Engineers

The role of a chemical engineer is critical in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and manufacturing, to name a few. Given the dynamic nature of these industries, it is essential to find and hire qualified chemical engineers with the necessary skills and knowledge to keep up with the job demands. Experienced chemical engineers play a vital role in optimizing production processes and creating safe, efficient, and compliant products. They also bring innovation and creativity to the table and can help businesses stay competitive in the market. Finding and hiring suitable candidates can be challenging, but it is crucial for the success of any organization that operates in these industries.

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Direct Hire Search

Access top-notch employees and hire with confidence by utilizing a team of professionals who specialize in recruiting and headhunting top talent in your industry.

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Executive Search

For decades, the SSG executive search team has worked with the most prestigious brands to locate and place top-level talent fast.

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Fill temporary and project-based staffing needs with a dynamic accounting workforce you can rely on.

On average our clients reduce their time spent hiring by 80% and increase their retention by 9%

That’s the SSG Difference.

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Our Recruitment Approach

Our chemical engineer recruitment agency takes great pride in our superior recruitment process that ensures you find the right candidate for your organization. We understand the importance of having a highly-skilled chemical engineer on your team, so we offer a comprehensive recruitment process that includes scheduling a consultation, receiving pre-vetted resumes, and hiring with confidence. Our team of recruitment experts carries out a thorough screening process to ensure that each candidate meets the required qualifications and standards before presenting them to you. With our recruitment process, you can rest assured that you are hiring the best candidate for the job. Trust us to help you find the right fit for your organization.

What Sets Us Apart?

Unlike other chemical engineer recruitment agencies, we don’t rely heavily on traditional job postings to find our client’s talent. Instead, we actively seek out and approach the best passive candidates in the industry who are currently employed. This unique headhunting approach provides our customers with talent that job boards simply don’t have access to and results in less training and higher retention rates.

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A Superior Hiring Process

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