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Search Soltuion Group
Search Soltuion Group

Tax Accountant Recruitment Firm

Search Solution Group is the go-to for hiring Tax Accountants. Our team of experienced recruiters are dedicated to helping you find the perfect talent for your business. We understand how important it is to maintain a competitive edge with an efficient, high-performing accounting team, and our experts are here to ensure that happens.

A Superior Hiring Process

Our Expert Recruitment Process for HR Professionals

Our Tax Accountant Recruitment Approach

Search Solution Group headhunters have been placing talent within the tax accounting industry since 2002, working closely to fill roles with industry leaders requesting both temporary and permanent tax positions. Tax accounting recruiters at Search Solution Group specialize in a range of depths across the vast tax accounting industry. Due to the variance in role expectations and necessary ability, understanding the needs of the client is foremost.

Clients We’ve Worked With

Recruitment Services

For all of your hiring needs
direct hire

Direct Hire Search

Access top-notch employees and hire with confidence by utilizing a team of professionals who specialize in recruiting and headhunting top talent in your industry.

executive search

Executive Search

For decades, the SSG executive search team has worked with the most prestigious brands to locate and place top-level talent fast.

temporary staffing


Fill temporary and project-based staffing needs with a dynamic accounting workforce you can rely on.

On average our clients reduce their time spent hiring by 80% and increase their retention by 9%

That’s the SSG Difference.

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How We Recruit Top Talent

Our firm’s expert Accounting and Finance recruiters know what it takes to be successful in a Tax Accountant role and are connected to some of the field’s top talent across the nation. When companies partner with Search Solution Group for a Tax Accountant role, they have specific skills and qualifications in mind that will make candidates successful at the company. Our team evaluates these qualifications and searches to find candidates that are an exact match to what our clients are looking for.

What Sets Us Apart?

At SSG Headhunting, we believe that the best candidates are often already employed. That’s why our accounting recruiters do more than just post jobs on job boards and send you resumes of potential applicants. We leverage our expansive talent network to find qualified passive candidates from similar industries and even from your competitors. Our tax accountant recruitment professionals are trained in cold calling, emailing, and networking to search for the top candidate for your job opening. This is the advantage of working with SSG Headhunting: we take a proactive approach to recruiting and headhunt talented individuals who can bring value to your company. It’s no wonder that 80% of our business comes from long-term clients; they trust us to deliver.

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A Superior Hiring Process

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