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The SSG Referral Bonus Program

Have a friend or colleague looking to hire? Recommend our services to them, and earn a referral bonus for facilitating their talent search

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The SSG Referral Bonus Program

Welcome to our Referral Program—a unique space where connections transform into opportunities. At the heart of this initiative is a belief in the power of trusted recommendations. Whether you’re acquainted with dynamic professionals seeking new challenges or businesses in search of top-tier talent, your referral can be the bridge to their next big breakthrough. And as a token of appreciation for your invaluable introductions, we offer rewarding incentives. Dive in, refer, and watch as your network unfolds into a tapestry of success and growth. Let’s create success stories, one referral at a time!

How It Works

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Submit Referral

Enter the contact information of an employer actively recruiting into our specialized referral portal/form (see the form below).

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Referral Activation

Once the employer you’ve introduced signs a job order with Search Solution Group, your referral will transition to ‘active’ status, and you’ll be promptly informed.

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Earn Your Rewards

As a token of our appreciation, once your referred contact results in a placement that surpasses the designated replacement guarantee period, you’ll be entitled to 10% of the placement fee. You can earn up to $5,000 for your invaluable contribution.

Who Can I Refer?

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Employees With Influence

Do you know a colleague or contact who plays a role in the hiring process at their company? Maybe they’re involved in team expansions or are in charge of filling a vacant position. Such connections can make all the difference.

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Business Owners on the Hunt for Talent

Whether it’s an entrepreneur scaling up their dream team or a seasoned business owner seeking the right talent for growth, if they need staffing solutions, they’re perfect for a referral.

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Why Should I Refer?

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Monetary Reward

For starters, let’s talk numbers. When you refer someone who leads to a successful placement, you receive a handsome monetary incentive. We’re offering 10% of the placement revenue, with potential earnings of up to $1,600. It’s our way of expressing gratitude for your valuable connection.

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Strengthening Networks

Every successful referral you make not only strengthens our talent pool but also reinforces your position as a valuable connector in your professional network.

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Positive Impact

By connecting businesses with the right talent, you’re actively participating in the growth and success of companies and professionals alike. Witness the ripple effect of your referral as businesses thrive and careers advance.

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Trust and Professionalism

We treat every referral with utmost respect and professionalism. Rest assured that your contacts will receive quality service and you’ll be recognized for bringing them our way.

Get Started, Submit Your Referral Today!

Please fill out the form below to submit your referral and an SSG rep will be in contact. 

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