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Train Your Brain For a Better Career

More and more studies are starting to show that the brain is no longer doomed to deteriorate over time. In fact, the grey matter of our brain can keep regenerating throughout life. The new thinking is that you either use it or lose it just as with any muscle.

So how can you train your brain and protect it from developing degenerative disease later in life and boost your career in the meantime?

Brain Training!

  1. Play Smart:  Brain training games are abundant both online and in the form of games like scrabble. Giving your mind exercises is a great way to strengthen cognitive reasoning, math, reading, and other skills that might be lacking in your day-to-day routine.
  2. Never Stop Learning:  The better educated you are, the less likely to have degenerative brain diseases. Also, if you get in the habit of learning new skills, you will be more marketable in your career. A great way to start your learning process is to take a public speaking or leadership class through the Dale Carnegie training classes.
  3. Parlez-vous Français?: Learning a new language is a great brain workout and will leave you with a highly marketable skill. Even better, after learning a language, immerse yourself in that culture. Having to navigate a strange location forces you to pay more attention to your environment and your brain loves learning the unknown.
  4. Get Off The Grid: Stress actually kills neurons and the ability to grow new ones. By taking a real vacation without the stress of returning emails or calls is a real relief to the brain. Exercise and meditation are other great ways to resolve stress.  You can read this article on how running improves fluid intelligence and optimizes brain function!
  5. Seek The Unusual: Seeking out tough and challenging assignments both at work and at home can get your brain out of a rut and lead to long-term brain health. Trying something outside of your comfort zone is a good place to start. If you are computing numbers at work all day, taking up photography or painting at home would be a good strategy.

Brain Training boosts positive thinking, creativity, social skills, emotional resilience, productivity, and decreases absenteeism. Maybe during the midst of your brain training, you’ll start to realize there are better opportunities waiting for you. Contact the recruiters at Search Solution Group to start your journey to a fulfilling career!


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