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What to Wear to The Interview for Women

Business professional attire is recommended for most interviews. For women, this means a pants suit or a skirt suit in a neutral color—black, blue, navy or brown. Pair your suit with a white or light blue button-down shirt or with another muted tone. Pants with a sweater is another option. But again, avoid overly bright colors. Also, be aware that short hemlines and plunging necklines may not be appropriate interview apparel.

To perform well in the interview, you need to be comfortable. Avoid outfits that require too much adjustment as you move. Suits and skirts should be fitted but not too tight. Clothes that are too close-fitting may make it difficult to sit and stand. Ensure you feel good from head to toe. Wear flat dress shoes or lower heel dress shoes that are easy to walk in. Remember, comfort leads to confidence.

The top priority in any interview is to highlight your skills and abilities. You’ve worked hard to build your resume. Make sure that remains the focus throughout the interview. Avoid wearing anything that may distract the interviewer away from your qualifications and what you have to offer the company. Clothes with brands prominently displayed or an abundance of shiny accessories may divert the focus of the interview or interfere with the interviewer’s ability to concentrate on your resume as opposed to your fashion sense. Low-key and conservative attire can help prevent these potential pitfalls.

Keep in mind, the recommendations above are broad and based on more traditional office work environments. In some situations, good fashion sense may be an advantage for a candidate or a company may have branded itself as a casual work environment for employees. Be sure to do your homework and thoroughly research the company before the day of your interview. No matter the situation, looking your best always sends a strong message to interviewers that you’re a serious candidate and that you respect their time.

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