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The blend of financial knowledge, organizational skills, and professionalism required for an  Accounts Payable position make it a difficult role to recruit for. Along with the hard skills needed to perform daily job functions, Accounts Payable professionals need a high level of organizational and communication skills to maintain professional relationships with vendors and other companies. 

A career in accounts payable consists of managing monies owed to other entities and requires someone who is skilled in cash and accrual basis accounting. These professionals need a strong understanding of how assets, equity, and liability work to accurately prioritize invoices and keep organized records of the accounts payable of the company. 

Depending on the seniority of the role, our accounting recruiters look for a certain level of education and number of years of experience within an accounts payable or bookkeeping role. The accounts payable recruiters at Search Solution Group then go deeper to fully understand each candidate’s experience by asking detailed questions about the volume of invoices they’ve handled, the size of the teams they’ve previously worked on, their experience with the three-way match, and more. Our firm is prescriptive in the needs of our clients and headhunts for professionals with experience in a capacity similar to that of the company to ensure a seamless transition. Search Solution Group’s comprehensive headhunting tactics result in a hire with the financial knowledge and industry-specific experience to be an ideal fit at our client’s company. 

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“When partnering with Search Solution Group, there is not a lot of corporate speak—they treat their business partners like humans and speak to them as friends. They consistently locate outstanding professionals for my team through their understanding of my personal needs, the critical points I look for in people, and our business model.”

John Evangelista, VP Human Resources, Equifax
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Accounts Payable Industry Experience

Accounts Payable specialists working in the medical field need the ability to complete payments to vendors and control expenses by receiving, processing, and reconciling invoices. They also verify and pay expense reports and payments. Careful attention to detail and accuracy is needed to identify discrepancies in invoices, purchase orders, and expense reports.

Manufacturing Accounts Payable professionals receive invoices from many vendors and track those that require purchase order updates. They handle large amounts of data and input and maintain accurate data within the ERP system. AP professionals in manufacturing require a highly-analytical mind to balance the many payments and sets of data.

In the Financial industry, Accounts Payable specialists ensure that invoices are accurately processed and financial information is recorded and reconciled. Their main responsibilities are analyzing invoices and expense reports for discrepancies or inaccuracies, processing appraisal invoices, and paying vendors.

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