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Recruitment Firm vs. Job Boards | What Are The Key Differences?

Recruitment Firm Compared to Job Boards

For hiring managers looking to hire talent for open roles, both job boards and recruitment firms offer advantages. However, there are key differences between the two. Here’s a look at the difference between using job boards and recruitment firms.


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Recruiting Firm vs. Job Boards

Are you searching for the perfect candidate to add to your team but need help figuring out where to start? You may wonder if a recruitment firm or job board is the best route for your hiring needs. Let’s be clear, both are valid options, but let’s take a closer look at the major differences between the two.

Getting Started

If you’re looking to post job openings on a job board, you’ll need to take about 30 minutes to create an account through online registration. However, if you’re leaning towards using a recruitment firm instead, you’ll start with a 30-minute intake meeting to see if their services align with your needs. 


Job Descriptions

When it comes to job boards, you must write a job description independently, which can take significant time. Additionally, if you don’t have a professional writer, this job description could lack the quality needed to attract top talent. When it comes to a recruiting firm, they will handle the job description for you and make sure that a subject matter expert optimizes this job description to attract the top talent you require.

Job Promotion

Job boards offer job promotions, but this often comes at an additional fee separate from your original registration and may come with some tasks that your marketing department will have to handle. However, when working with a recruiting firm, job promotion is included as part of their comprehensive package. In addition to posting your job on multiple job boards, their experienced recruitment team will also create a custom social media strategy to help get your job listing in front of the right audience.


When it comes to resumes, you’re going to get resumes from both job boards and recruitment firms. But are they equal? When it comes to job boards, these resumes are not pre-vetted. Sometimes they’ll be tailored to your search based on AI, but you don’t get an industry-specialized recruiter handpicking the best of the best resumes. With a recruitment firm, their knowledge and expertise can provide pre-vetted resumes and in-depth write-ups of each candidate, giving your team the best chance of finding top talent.


With job boards, you and your team will have to manage pre-screens on your own. Often the HR team, if you have one, will handle the pre-screening and will send all the approved candidates to the hiring manager. When it comes to a recruitment firm, nobody on your team has to do the pre-screening. A recruitment firm will do this for you. Saving your team time and resources while ensuring the pre-screening process is performed by a recruitment professional with expert experience in the area you are hiring for.

Talent Quality (Active vs. Passive)

When using job boards, you will primarily have access to active candidates searching for jobs. These active candidates are an excellent fit for many job openings, but when you’re looking for the best of the best candidates or looking to hire for unique positions, active candidates may not be the answer. A recruiting firm will not only leverage job boards and active candidates but also give you access to passive candidates that aren’t looking for a new job. These candidates often excel in their positions and are the best in their industry at their respective positions. In other words, a recruitment firm will give you access to top professionals that job boards don’t have access to.

Selection & Negotiation

When you use a job board, your team must spend time and resources to negotiate all aspects of the offer, including salary, relocation, benefits, and more. With a recruitment firm, your team will spend significantly less time negotiating with candidates as the negotiation and selection process will be guided by an expert who knows the industry, knows how to close candidates, and ultimately knows how to help you hire with confidence. Looking for top talent can be daunting, but luckily different tools can make the process more manageable. Recruitment firms and job boards can help you find candidates for your open roles, but important differences set them apart. When it comes to finding top talent, a recruitment firm like Search Solution Group might be what you need. To get started, the process is simple. Set a meeting with our recruitment team, personalize a hiring plan, receive pre-vetted resumes, and hire with confidence. 


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