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SSG Knows: Recruitment for Talent Management

What is Talent Management

Talent management involves the creation and implementation of strategies to recruit, hire, develop, and retain top employees. The talent management division serves as the bridge that connects company success with employee satisfaction and may operate as an independent department or as a subset of human resources. At Search Solution Group, our recruitment for talent management team know how to target candidates with the skill set and relevant background to meet the demands of talent management positions.

Strategy, Analytics, and Implementation

Talent management professionals combine strategic planning skills with analytical skills to assess the organization’s employment needs, cultivate talent from within the company, and identify positions that require external recruitment. In addition to strong backgrounds in strategic positions, talent managers must also be proficient in applicant tracking software (ATS) and various performance management systems. By conducting skill gap analyses and other assessments in conjunction with short-term and long-term organizational planning, talent managers devise and implement strategies to meet current and future employment needs, maximize the effectiveness of the current workforce, and to ensure employee retention and satisfaction. When the need arises, talent management professionals play key roles in acquiring the best new talent to fill vacant and projected future positions.

The Search Solution Group Method

Ashley Goldberg, Partner, discusses the SSG approach to recruitment for talent management below:

Our recruiters begin the process by discussing the client’s needs and creating a detailed profile of the best candidate to fill the talent management position. Once the profile is complete, our team sources both active and passive candidates. Throughout the vetting process, SSG recruiters consider the candidate’s learning and development background, training background, types of employee populations managed by the candidate, and the types and sizes of companies in the prospective hire’s work history. Other skills such as succession planning and organizational development, or other specialized qualifications required for the position, are discussed and documented. Because our team creates precise job profiles and detailed candidate profiles, our recruiters are able to present the absolute best candidates to hiring managers for talent management positions.

Working with Search Solution Group

Sourcing talent, particularly for complex roles in talent management, necessitates a strategy and process that identifies and attracts the top candidates in the field. With over 20 years of experience, our team of recruiters specializes in client consulting and talent sourcing which results in the placement of only the best talent management professionals. Working with SSG means partnering with experts in recruitment for talent management and receiving quality service unequaled by any other recruiting firm.

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