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Business Development Recruitment Agency

Business Development Recruitment Agency

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The creation of long-term value in an organization through the use and understanding of corporate level external interactions is the catalyst for business growth. The importance of business development is just that: a role focused solely on creating a consistent means of developing value through relationships. Recruiting for business development is a taxing process. most often, sourcing an effective business development professional relies on the combined effort of multiple professionals within separate professions. Business development is an amalgam of sales, marketing, and data analysis, creating a challenging position to source for independently. However, the use of multiple professionals within an organization to vet a candidate is costly to productivity and ultimately the company’s bottom line. However, the use of a business development headhunting firm ensures the sourcing of an effective business development professional, within a shorter time frame. Headhunting firms that specialize in business development hold networks of successful professionals and sales recruiters with the industry knowledge to vet each potential candidate.

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The Value Pipeline

The value pipeline is based on the development of potential clientele and the refinement of the conversion process. The point from which a lead makes contact with the firm to the point in which that initial lead is converted to a client is the value pipeline.

Marketing is the attraction and maintenance of a lead, to keep a potential client focused on working with and earning value from the firm. A business developer is heavily ingrained in the strategy of the marketing team, as the development of the lead relies on creating a consistent brand image and standard of quality through the conversion process.  

Sales experience is often present in the skillset of a business developer as building qualitative relationships and leveraging those relationships to produce results is a major priority to building value. Developing a strong relationship with a lead will further reinforce the development and conversion of a lead into a client.

Data-analysis skills play an external but tuning role to that of the value pipeline. Data analysis, in context, is to derive insights from data collected by monitoring the development of leads through the talent pipeline. These insights are then utilized to refine the conversion of leads and eliminate costly stop-gaps in the vast independently functioning parts of the process.

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How we find the best talent

The value of business development is the creation of persisting opportunities that fuel the completion of corporate goals. Creating consistent streams of revenue through strategically constructed processes and bettering those same processes through data-driven refinement is essential to employ a successful business development plan. Hiring for business development hinges on the professional’s ability to create and implement systems to efficiently derive neon value. The ability to understand and further develop the value pipeline of an organization is central to the position of a business developer.


Top Business Development Specialists

A business development representative is a specialized position related to the sales department of a business. While a sales representative works with existing clients to keep them content and serve their needs, business development reps seek out and build new business for their company.

The Business Development Manager is usually the first point of contact a new potential client will have with a business when they are looking for information on the products and services the company renders. The BDM also responds to RFP’s, tenders, and develops sales in new sales territories.

A business development executive is a senior manager who helps his or her business grow and therefore, they are high-level sales experts. Their priority is to assist their companies to acquire new clients and sell additional products or services to current ones; this means the role is a critical one for any business with the goal to expand or the necessity to expand its clientele.


Top-performing sales managers achieve 39% more of their target than bottom-performing managers.



Sales management has an unemployment rate of 2.6% according to, making it very difficult to find successful sales managers who are actively seeking new employment.


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